Want to build massive Traps using the best trap workout? Use the training methods & tips in this article below to learn exactly how to build Monster Traps!

Chest, Biceps, Triceps…all popular muscle groups that everyone trains on a regular basis.

But one muscle group that most people neglect when training is definitely their Traps.

And I think I know why! Because unlike training Arms for example, a trap exercise doesn’t give you that instant gratification.

But if you want a full, well rounded physique then you need to target & build monster traps.

Nothing says power and strength like having strong Traps!

Just look at Tom Hardy for example when he played Bane in Batman or when he played an MMA fighter in the movie warrior. His traps alone made his whole physique stand out and give him that strong & powerful feature.
And he is not the only one?

NFL stars, Pro Wrestlers and Professional bodybuilders all have strong Traps!!

And lets just be honest for a second.

Even if you have the world’s biggest Arms and a strong chest, but don’t have the Shoulders & Traps to match – you not really going to have all that much to show for.

And I think one of the BIG reasons why many people neglect training their traps like they should is because they don’t know when or how!

And just like calves (Okay maybe not as bad) traps can also be a really stubborn muscle to grow. Which means that your approach and training method needs to be geared toward optimizing your results.

Trap exercises can be quite confusing because a lot of people are a bit unsure of when they should actually be training their Traps. Their confusion comes in between not knowing whether should be training your traps when training shoulders or when training back.

Now i’m sure there are many contradictory opinions on which is better, but ultimately I think that should be left up to you.

Use the Trap workout provided for you in this article and put it to the test and see when you end up getting the best mind – muscle connection with your traps.

But how do you build those massive, towering, monster Traps? Follow the Trap training tips laid out for you in this article as well as give the workout provided for you and start packing on the trap muscles!!

The Monster Trap Workout:

Here is an awesome Monster Trap workout that you can try:

Pre Fatigue Phase

As I will speak about later on, it is highly important to Pre Fatigue the specific muscle group that you want to train.

This really helps to ensure you get the correct mind-muscle connection.

Exercise #1: Rope Trap Pulls

Sets: 2

Reps: 12-15

This first exercise will help you pre-fatigue your traps, but also strengthen the rotator cuff, thus acting as an injury prevention tool


  1. Attach a rope on the upper cable
  2. Stand in front of the cable machine and grab the rope with an overhand grip
  3. Take a step back
  4. Slightly tilt the body back
  5. Pull the rope up and above your head, opening up the elbows
  6. Contract the traps and shoulders up top
  7. Go back down slowly

Exercise #2: Trap Plate Raises

With this second exercise, you will further activate the trapezius muscles.

This will ensure that the rest of the workout will be optimal.


  1. Grab a plate and hold it by its sides
  2. Lift the plate up and overhead
  3. Contract the traps and delts up top
  4. Go back down slowly

Anabolic Dropset Phase

During this phase you want to ensure that you are still lifting a heavy weight without sacrificing your form throughout the exercise.

For this I would recommend doing either a Dumbbell Shrug or Barbell Shrug.

These are the perfect exercises to do your Anabolic Drop Sets.

The way this exercise works is –

First set do 8-10 reps (till failure), then drop weight by 30% and do another 8-10 reps (Till failure)

By doing the anabolic drop sets you are hitting you are hitting 2 of the 3 main elements needed to build muscle by performing this.

Once you are done this you are ready for the next phase of the workout!

Exercise #3 – T45 Sets

T45 stands for how long the muscle is under tension for! In this case the muscle is under 45 seconds time under tension.

Make sure when performing this phase of the workout that you have a stopwatch available to ensure you are not doing say 30 seconds time under tension, that you are getting the full 45 seconds time under tension required.

If needed get yourself a pair of straps to help support you throughout the exercise, as your grip strength might not be strong enough to handle 45 seconds of continuous tension.

I recommend doing T45 – Dumbbell Seated Tension Shrugs

Perform 2 sets with 45 seconds time under tension for this exercise.

The importance of this phase is putting tension and overload on those Traps.

There you have a full Trap workout for faster Trap Gains! For the full in depth workout watch the Balloon Training Method Trap Workout Video to Build Monster Traps.

3 Trap Training Tips Workout For A Better Workout:

#1 – Pre Fatigue

When it comes to training your traps I would recommend you start by Pre Fatiguing the muscle group. By Pre fatiguing your traps you can ultimately target and work the muscle a lot better throughout the workout.

#2 – Full ROM (Range of Motion)

People make the mistake of trying to go to heavy when training their traps, most of the time this leads to the muscle being worked through a small portion of its full motion.

Just like you want to work other muscle groups through their full range of motion for the best results, the same applies to the Traps. I would suggest lightening the load and really ensuring you work the muscle through the full range of motion.

#3 – Higher Reps

When it comes to training your Traps, because you are not going so heavy (due to fact want to be able to work muscles through full range of motion as mentioned above), you are going to want to do higher reps to properly stimulate the muscle.

Before I end this article there is just something I have been wanting to say. Something that has been truly incredible for me, I have had tons of people reach out to me saying that since they tried the Balloon Method workouts for the various muscle groups, they have literally felt more muscle sore and seen better results than they have for a long time. And that is something quite amazing, knowing that people are starting to see the results they want.

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