Shoulder Workout For Mass – Boulder Shoulders!

It’s been said that having good shoulders are what gives you that ultimate Aesthetic look to your physique! But in order to achieve that you need to blow up your delts. Use the tips & tricks in this article to create a shoulder workout for mass and follow the Full Shoulder Workout routine for Massive Delts!

If there is one muscle group you should be focused on if you really wanting to make your physique stand out above the rest is your shoulders…A.K.A your Delts!

That’s because if you have balanced massive shoulders it will give you that 3D shape to your physique which will in turn make you look a lot bigger and more aesthetic. Which is the goal right?

In order to fully understand how to go build a shoulder workout for mass it is important to understand the basic anatomy of your shoulders:

The shoulders are split into 3 parts. Namely:

  • Front Deltoids
  • Side/Lateral Deltoids
  • Rear Deltoids

The great thing is that through performing specific exercises you can directly target the part of the deltoid you wish to build.

But when it comes to shoulder workout for mass training, I have noticed that people only really tend to focus mainly on their Front delts. This is largely due to the fact that the Front delts are stimulated on other exercises that are being performed throughout the week, such as the Bench press – and the constant stimulation of the muscle ends up leading to an overdeveloped Front Deltoid and little to no development on the Side & Rear Deltoids.

In order to aesthetically balance your shoulders you need to ensure that enough focus is then also being applied through your workouts on your Side & Rear Delts.

Let’s dive in to 3 Tips for Training Shoulders!

Shoulder Workout for Mass – Tip #1 – Compound & Isolation

You need to be doing both a combination of compound & isolation exercises if you want the best shoulder development. Work your overall shoulder size & strength by doing those heavier more compounded exercises, and then work on the finer details by isolating each specific muscle group through targeted isolation exercises.

Shoulder Workout for Mass – Tip #2 – Rest Up!

Your shoulder’s deserve some rest, especially if you want optimal growth from it. Remember your muscles are growing when they are resting & recovering. So if you are stimulating your shoulders through any pressing exercises such as those in doing Chest, it would then not be a smart idea to be training shoulders the day before/after.

The reason is they then not getting enough time to rest before they are being torchered again. Rest up and let your shoulders recover if you want those Big Daddy Delts!

Shoulder Workout for Mass – Tip #3 – Go Heavy!

I don’t recommend training heavy every day, but when it comes to doing your presses to work your front deltoid, the best way to go about achieving maximum growth will come through heavy presses. Even ol Arnold Schwarzenegger recommends doing heavy press work for greater Shoulder growth, and I mean who is to argue with him?

Now lets put these tips to the test and complete an awesome Full Shoulder Workout.

And guess what?

Your shoulders don’t need a whole 2 hour workout in order to be properly stimulated.

Don’t believe me? Try this Full Shoulder Workout for Boulder Shoulders – in only 15 Minutes!

I want you guys to do this workout 2-3x per week for maximum results!

The Workout!

This workout utilizes 2 training principles from the Balloon Training method.

  • T45 Sets – This is done by performing the exercise given for 45 seconds with constant time under tension
  • Anabolic Drop Sets – Choose a weight that will allow you to reach failure in the 8-10 Rep range, then drop the weight by 30% and perform another 8-10 Reps.

Exercise #1 – Rear Delt Seated Row

Rear Delt Seated Row

This exercise is a variation on the Cable Face pulls. The cable face pulls have been rated as one of the best shoulder activation exercises, so this is a perfect variation to effectively work your shoulders.

Perform 2 Total Sets with 60 Seconds rest in between sets, and make use of the Anabolic Drop set training method during this exercise.

Exercise #2 – Rear Delt Fly

Rear Delt Fly Exercise

For this exercise you are only going to perform 1 set before going straight into exercise number 3. Make use of the T45 training principle for this one, ensuring that you keep your Rear delts under tension throughout the exercise for a FULL 45 seconds.

The pump you will get from this is insane, as keeping a muscle under 45 seconds of constant tension is a lot harder than it sounds.

Exercise #3 – Rear Delt Lat Raise

Rear Delt Lat Raise Exercise

This is a good variation toward the standard Side Lateral Raises. By doing this variation you will be able to target the Side delt like a normal lateral raise would, but at the same time you are also going to destroy your Rear Deltoids as well.

Remember for this one you alternate back into doing your Anabolic Drop sets. Don’t pick extremely heavy weights because you are going to start bringing in a lot of trap activation once your shoulders start to fatigue. So choose a weight in which can perform your 8-10 Reps and then again decrease by 20-30% and perform another 8-10 Reps. Perform a total of 2 Sets of Anabolic Drop sets.

Exercise #4 – Seated Delt Row

Seated Delt Row Exercise

I really like this exercise because I am able to do more weight than a traditional lateral raise. For this exercise you will be doing 2 Sets of Anabolic Drop Sets. It’s important to keep in mind that you should be reaching failure at that 8-10 Rep Range, if you are able to perform more than say 10 Reps then your weight is to light and you need to go heavier.

Exercise #5 – Overhead Presses

Overhead Presses Exercises

For this exercise, find any piece of equipment (equipment will vary from gym to gym) that you can perform overhead shoulder presses on.

This exercise you are going to be using the T45 training principle again. This one will allow for a bit more of Front & Lateral deltoid activation. Do 1 total set for a total of 45 seconds.

And there is one more exercise that I would highly recommend doing at the end of your Shoulder workout if you want massive shoulder gains. This is actually an exercise that not many people actually do, but I have been testing it for myself and I have found that I have made incredible gains in my shoulders by performing this exercise.

To find out the last exercise of the workout & for more in depth advice watch my Balloon Training Method Shoulder Workout for Massive Delts!

By completing this upper body workout and performing it say 2x per week you should notice immense results in your shoulders.

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