Welcome to the SuperHumanYou bodybuilder workout directory – where you will find the workout routines from some of the best bodybuilders in the world – both present and from the past!

Who better to learn from than the world’s most muscular and impressive physiques.

If you are looking to shock your body with a hardcore bodybuilding workout, go through these famous bodybuilder workouts and you will surely be in for the workout of your life.

We wanted to give you a wide variety of bodybuilder workouts to choose from – so you will find? bodybuilder workout routines as well as men’s pro physique workout routines to choose from.

Some of the best workout routines to check out in this section are Phil Heath workout, Jeremy Buendia Workout, Jay Cutler workout and even Arnold’s workout routine from his prime.

If you are looking for a step by step 12 week bodybuilding program – make sure to check out our programs page.


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