Monster Bicep Peak Workout – 6 Things You’re Skipping

In today’s article I’m going to dive into 7 Bicep peak exercises you’re not doing. You can include these all into your upcoming monster bicep peak workout for some killer arm gains.

One of the most important factors for getting bigger arms and larger looking biceps is the biceps peak. This is what makes your arm muscle appear ‘taller’ – and will make your arms look huge in a t-shirt.

If you want to see a video example of all these exercises make sure to check out the video below.

6 Best Bicep Peak Exercises – ULTIMATE Bicep Workout

There are a few ways to get more tension and emphasis on the bicep peak. The first is that you want to keep your grip inside shoulder width apart. This will put more emphasis on the outer head of the biceps, which is what we want when targeting the peak.

A few other things we can do is twist our wrist and pinky finger out so we contract the outer head of the biceps more. This is a trick used by many IFBB Pro bodybuilders.

If you need a visual guide on how to do this bicep peak hack, watch the video above. (7 Bicep Peak Exercises You’re not doing – Full Video Guide)

Bicep Peak Exercise #1 -Close Grip EZ Bar Curl (Dead Hang) – With a FORCED NEGATIVE

Forced negatives are an incredible way to add more healthy micro-tears to your biceps. Make sure your arms are at a dead hang on the preacher curl machine, and your partner pushes down lightly to force more micro-tears on the bicep peak.

When you get really fatigued you can have your partner help you on the lifting portion of the weight, and then push down to create more healthy micro-tears on the biceps.

Bicep Peak Exercise #2-Lateral Pull-down curls (behind the head)

Lateral pull down curls are a great way to add a differently angle to your bicep training, and get a crazy pump in the process. The first few times you do this exercise you will notice you are really sore.

Adding variety to your bicep workouts is huge for adding size and thickness to the biceps peak.

Try doing 5 sets of this exercise and resting about 60 seconds between sets. For optimal results stick in the 8-12 rep range.

Bicep Peak Exercise #3-DB Hammer Curl 1/2 Rep Destroyer

You are going to start off doing a normal hammer curl with your elbows tucked into your body for this exercise in your monster bicep peak workout, and then as you lower the weight you will PAUSE and stick it half way down, and squeeze the bicep up for another rep as you twist your wrist.

This one is savage, and will result in killer bicep gains.

Bicep Peak Exercise #4-Angled Tension Curl (Victor Martinez Special)

This one is similar to a dumbbell hammer curl, except you are angled so the weight is hanging lower than your hip and you can put more tension on the biceps.

Its very important that you don’t go all the way down, so you can keep constant tension on the bicep peak. One more thing is twist the wrist and pinky finger out so you can hit the biceps peak more.

Bicep Peak Exercise #5-45 degree incline curls (with pinky emphasis and twist the wrist!)

Make sure to watch the bicep peak video so you can learn how to do this with perfect form. At the start of the incline curl make sure that you press your rear deltoids and upper back against the bench. Twist the wrist out and lift from a fully stretched position. You are going to get an unreal pump from this bicep exercise.

Bicep Peak Exercise #6-Eccentric Overload EZ Bar CURL (slow on the way down!)

Just like with the first exercise, you get the best bicep damage on the eccentric portion of the lift. Go with a heavy weight and keep your hands inside shoulder width apart. You should be around your 6-8 rep max on this list.

Make sure to go down for at least 3 seconds to reap the maximum amount of healthy micro-tears on the biceps from this EZ Bar Curl exercise.

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