What if I told you that your current workout is actually sabotaging your aesthetics?

Don’t worry – in this article I’m going to dive into what an aesthetic physique is and the 5 most important exercises you absolutely must be doing in your aesthetic workout plan!

So you walk in the gym hoping to be the next Zyzz, or possibly the next big Instagram fitness star. You pound the weights for a few years and although you have made some gains you just don’t have that “look” of the guys you see in the magazines and who compete in the NPC physique shows.

The coveted look I am talking about of course is an “aesthetic body” – and 99.9 percent of guys are not doing the right exercises which promote aesthetics.

What is an Aesthetic Body? 3 Things to Consider?

When it comes to an aesthetic body, the most important ratio is your shoulders to waist ratio. The gods of Aesthetics say that you should have at least a 1.618: 1 ratio with your shoulders and waist. That means that your shoulders should be significantly wider than your waist.

If you are close to a 1:1 ratio – no matter how much muscle you pack on your frame you will not look good. Just look at the amazing shoulder to waist ratio of the 1st and 2nd place competitors in the NPC physique contest.

The other important thing for aesthetics is having a powerful V Shaped upper body. This means that your upper body gradually and proportionally will get wider as you ascend up your physique. If you look at the most impressive physiques in the world – they will all have very wide upper lats and a small waist ratio.

The very last aspect is having some thickness in your arms and upper chest. It’s important you get that 3d Look and have large and thick arms with an impressive upper chest that can pop out of your V-neck at the club!

So what is the perfect aesthetics workout plan? Here are 5 exercises that you need to be doing every single week for the perfect body.






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5 Exercises that need to be in your Aesthetic Workout Plan

1. Stomach Vacuums (Done by All physique competitors)

There is a reason this is number 1. This is the number 1 area that is absolutely derailing most guys aesthetic dreams. Even the good ole Rich Piana talks about the importance of stomach vacuums.

Not having a small waist completely defeats the purpose of working out and packing on slabs of panty dropping gains!

An easy fix to this is to do 5 sets of stomach vacuums every single day for a period of 15-20 seconds per vacuum. You will start to notice some insane results in as little as a month.

This exercise works your Transverse abdominals and will ‘suck in? your gut so you can tighten that waist line.

Check out this video which explains how to start doing stomach vacuums for a small waist.

2. Db Pull Overs (Jeff Seid’s Favorite chest shaper)

Pull-overs are an awesome exercise that chisel and sculpt the upper chest and upper lats – two very hard to target muscle groups 100 percent crucial for a great looking physique.

One of my favorite youtube videos is Kai Greene working out with Jeff Seid. In this video you can find here – you will see them doing the DB Pull-over exercise and talking about its importance for aesthetics.

3. Close Grip Ez Bar Curls (Greg Plitt used to LOVE these)

Most guys overwork the outer portion of the biceps muscle – and hardly ever hit the biceps “peak”. To work your biceps peak and get a taller more impressive biceps muscle you need to have an extremely close grip.

By placing your hands together on the EZ Bar you are able to sculpt the biceps peak and completely remove the anterior delts from the movement. This is a go-to for many aesthetic bros who have sculpted a giant set of bicep muscles.

4. T-Bar Row (Arnolds Favorite)

Every aesthetic workout program should put a huge emphasis on developing those upper lats so you can get the coveted “V-shaped back” – and the best exercise for doing this is the T-Bar Row with a huge emphasis on letting the weight stretch out your arms as far as possible.

By fully extending your arms at the bottom of the rep and letting the weight pull them even a bit lower – you place a ton of extra tension on the upper lats.

You can apply this to any lateral movement – including the seated row machine. Check out this epic picture of Arnold and look at how ‘stretched out? he is during the movement.

5. Seated Bent Over Rear Delt Raise (Used by Ronnie Coleman’s mom)

While having big sculpted shoulders is a must for an aesthetic body – its the rear deltoids that most guys are lacking on. There are very few exercises that can pinpoint the rear deltoids as good as the seated bent over rear delt raise.

By sculpting the rear delts you will have that 3d look from the sides and it will make your shoulders look much wider.

Check out this video to see how to do a perfect bent over rear delt raise routine – and don’t forget to throw in some db lat raises after you are done to round out the shoulders!

What do you think of the ultimate aesthetic workout? Let us know any other exercises you do on a regular basis to unleash the aesthetic beast! And, if you need further ideas to target your full body, find them here.