Want the best abs workout for shredded blocky & visible Abs? Then read the following article where I reveal how to get ripped abs and the Best Training Tips to get beach body abs!

Just imagine being able to walk on the beach and take off your shirt and all the woman stop and stare at your Abs… that sounds pretty awesome right?

And what’s even better is it is something that can be achieved, you just need to know how!

And I know you want to get those ripped & visible 6 pack Abs and you will stop at nothing until you get it!

You have sweated and killed yourself physically in the gym for endless hours, and you have tried every fad diet out there and yet? Still no results!

But why?? The problem could be that you are going about your Ab workout training all WRONG!!!!!

So how do you go from being an average Joe with little/no Abdominal development to being shredded & having visible Abs? That’s where I come in with the best tips for how to get ripped abs.

Common misconceptions people have with regard to getting Ripped & Visible Abs:

  • You have to Do 1000s of Sit Ups & Crunches
  • Following Bland Diets Everyday of Your Life
  • Genetics
  • Some Machine That Gets you Ripped in 10 Min Sold by Celebrities
  • Hours of Cardio

Throw those misconceptions in the trash!

I want you to keep something in mind when it comes to training Abs, they are still a muscle group.

So I would recommend using the Balloon Method Abs Workout To Get Blocky & Visible Abs and maximize results.

And you know what? You don’t have to wait until you shredding in order to build rock solid Abs!

In fact you actually better off training your Abs when your body is in a caloric surplus because your Abs are still a muscle and need nutrients in order to recover & grow.

And then when you actually cut down and lose body fat your Abs are going to POP and look so much better.


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The Anatomy of Abs

The anatomy of abs

But before we dive into the workout we first need to understand a little bit about the Abdominal muscles.

You have 4 different sections of your abs

  1. Transverse abdominis
  2. Internal abdominal oblique
  3. External abdominal oblique
  4. Rectus abdominis

Keep in mind that it is not just about good-looking abs.

The abdominal muscles serve a variety of functions, which when developed, will grant you that shredded, well-developed look.

Now that you have a bit of a background into your Abdominal Anatomy let’s proceed further.

Common Ab Training Mistakes!

You can know where to improve if you don’t know what some of the mistakes you are making could be. So I would like to discuss some of the most common mistakes I see when it comes to training Abs.

Mistake #1

To many people don’t prioritize their abdominal exercises. Just like with any muscle group, if you want to make it a strong point you need to prioritize it in your training.

It’s common for people to do a half ass Abs workout at the end of the workout and then wonder why they are not seeing the results.

Mistake #2

The next mistake I see people making is not doing weight training or resistance based Abdominal Training! Big Mistake!!!

Remember what I said in the beginning about your Abdominals being a muscle? Well that means that they then need to be overloaded and stimulated with resistance (Weight).

In order for your Abs to grow there needs to be healthy micro tears being caused in the muscle so that you can build muscle and it can also adapt and grow.

Best Tips For Visible Abs

Now that you are aware of some common mistakes you may be making let’s dive in and take a look at some important tips that you can start implementing to get ripped abs and power up your training routine!

#1 – Variety

It’s important to include variety into your Abs routine. Stop just doing crunches and sit ups, you need to incorporate different exercises into your routine so that you can target the Abdominals from all angles and stimulate the muscle differently as well.

#2 – Progression

Think about it, you would not go to the gym and do the same amount of sets & reps for the exact same exercises over and over again now would you? No!!

Just like any muscle group in order for it to grow you need to continuously overload and stimulate the muscle. Progression can be done in 3 different ways:

  1. Increasing the Resistance (Weight)
  2. Increasing Reps
  3. Decreasing Rest time

Ensure that you keep progressing during each workout!

#3 – Recovery

Your Abdominals need to be able to recover.

I think people have the misconception that if they train their Abs 7 days of the week that they will achieve their goals faster. Not the case!

Your Abs need to be trained hard which means that they need to be able to recover as well. I would only recommend training Abs 2-3 x per week max.

#4 – Patience

Last but not least, have a bit of patience! It’s going to take some time. A workout for getting ripped and having a 6 pack doesn’t happen over night! It’s just not.

But the good news is you’re on the right path and that is crucial. Use the tips provided in this article and follow along with the Abs video provided and you will be one step closer to achieving that beach body physique!

Full Abs Workout

Right, now let’s get into a great Full Abs Workout for you to try to build those thick blocky Abs.

Exercise #1 – Weighted Cocoons

This is an exercise I learnt from Greg Plitt back in 2014 from his members area. It has been a staple exercise for my Abs workout.

Perform 2 Sets of 8-10 Reps (Till failure) and then drop weight by 30% and perform another 8-10 Reps (Till failure).


  1. Grab a straight bar at shoulder width and lie down on the flat bench
  2. Lift your legs in the air straight and hold the bar above your head
  3. Curl the knees towards the chest while simultaneously crunching and bringing the elbows down
  4. Contract the abs and go back to the initial position

It’s important that you really focus on contracting and squeezing your Abdominals throughout the exercise.

Exercise #2 – Air Sprints (T45)

When using the Balloon training method I ensure that I always have a T45 exercise in the workout.

This will be an exercise that I do 45 seconds of constant time under tension per set!

For this exercise perform 2 Sets of T45 with 30 seconds rest between sets.


  1. Hang on the pull up bar
  2. Retract the scapula then do a 1/3rd pull-up and keep that static position
  3. Start sprinting in the air, contracting the abs each time a knee comes up
  4. Maintain this for 30-45 seconds time under tension

Exercise #3 – Frog/Butterfly Crunch

This is a slightly different variation on your regular crunches. By performing this exercise in the specific position it makes it a lot more difficult, which ultimately puts more stress on your Abdominals.

This will also be a T45 exercise! Complete 2 Sets with 45 seconds time under tension and 30 seconds rest between sets.


  1. Sit down on the ground in a butterfly position where the heels are together and legs are open
  2. Lie down on your back
  3. Lift the arms up above the head and close them together
  4. Crunch up, bringing the arms between the legs
  5. Contract the abs then go back down slowly

Exercise #4 – XOV Crunch

Why XOV crunch? Well that is what it looks like you trying to spell when performing these!


  1. Lie down on the ground in the starting position, which is a big wide X, formed with your limbs
  2. Then, crunch into an O shape, bringing the arms outside the legs
  3. Get back into the starting position, crunch again but this time reach for the toes with your arms between the legs

This exercise will be another T45 exercise. The reason for this is because you are placing a lot of emphasis on constant tension throughout the workout which is exactly what we are looking for!

The reason that we are performing so many different variations is so that you can effectively target each individual muscle in your Abdominals and hit the Abs from multiple angles.

Watch the FULL Balloon method workout video and get a step by step guide on how to ripped abs and get the most out of this workout, including how to correctly perform each exercise!