This section covers the actor workouts from some of the most fit actors on the planet. Our team of researchers went on a hunt for the trainers behind the best bodies in Hollywood, and this section covers the full actor workout routines.

You will also find specific routines some of the most fit actors did to build muscle and burn fat in record time for movie roles.

In this section you will find anything from how Brad Pitt got so ripped for the movie FIGHT CLUB, to how THE ROCK stays so huge throughout the year.

Who better to learn from than the guys who have access to the best trainers in the world, right?

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This section covers the best workouts from the most ripped and muscular pro athletes on the planet. Professional athletes have access to the most innovative forms of training, and our team of researchers went on a hunt to find out what they do in the off-season to build muscle, burn fat, and increase overall performance. 

Search around in this section and see if you can perform your favorite pro athletes workout! Regardless of what your fitness goal is, we can all learn from the best football, basketball, soccer, tennis and even track stars to shape our own body. 

If you want more specific workouts for every single muscle group, make sure to scroll above to the muscle workouts section.