As sports science advances, more and more research finds new, interesting facts about the human body and what actually happens on the back end of training.

This is exactly what allows for new ingredients to come into the supplement industry and give users the opportunity to maximize their end results.

For today, we want to introduce you to an exclusive, new ingredient that has a good reputation in the fitness masses.

The compound “BAIBA”, more commonly known as “L-β-aminoisobutyric acid”, is a new, promising ingredient that helps speed up metabolic processes.


l-baiba chemical structure

L-β-aminoisobutyric acid (BAIBA) is an amino acid by-product, released by the skeletal muscles during contraction.

You see when you train in the gym, you feel the euphoria going on because of the pump and the challenge you set yourself to.

However, all of this is possible because of these exact back-end processes, such as the release of BAIBA.

BAIBA was detected by scientists all the way back in 1951, but it was only recently that they started suspecting that it is an important factor during physical training.

The more this compound was studied, the more sports scientists understood that it is more of a signal to the body, which sets off a flurry of thermogenic reactions. 1

Thermogenic reactions are all reactions that tend to produce heat by utilizing metabolic stimulation.

With simpler words, BAIBA makes the fat loss process much easier and recent studies crown it “The King” of fat-loss ingredients. 2

All of the science behind this new and exciting ingredient, can be learned about below, over at our friends from PricePlow.

The more, the better?

Alright, so far, so good – BAIBA is a signal molecule that induces fat loss processes.

That molecule is released  by the body during physical activity.

This just begs the question – What if you gave the body more BAIBA from the outside? Will you copy the effects of exercising to a certain extent?

Well, this was in fact answered in a study that observed the effects of oral supplementation of BAIBA.

The researchers concluded that oral supplementation of BAIBA can in fact set off a series of fat-burning processes that speed up the metabolism. 3

This groundbreaking study set a path for hundreds of excited scientists to conduct further research on this substance.

All of this led to a multitude of scientific papers that gave us a full list of the benefits of this acid.


This ingredient has been shown to have a variety of benefits on the body, especially when it comes to thermogenesis.

For this reason, most researchers have pointed out BAIBA to be categorized as an ingredient, fit for fat loss formulas.

Let us show you exactly what this ingredient does.

#1 Fat conversion

One of the more important things that BAIBA does, is setting off the thermogenic programs of white adipose fat cells.

With this conversion, BAIBA helps improve the ratio of energy-storing and energy-burning fat tissues, in favor of the latter.

Browning of fat – The process during which unhealthy white adipose fat turns into thermogenic, calorie-burning brown fat

In other words, BAIBA is the equivalent of high octane fuel.

Furthermore, regulation of certain hormones responsible for hunger was also observed, which acted as protection against fat gain.

So, you see, not only will BAIBA help you turn your body into a fat-burning machine, but it will also help you make it more sustainable and bearable.

#2 Fat oxidation

When the human body is in a deficit of energy, it will logically resort to its energy reserves – Fats.

Any excess fat is the result of simply going above your daily maintenance needs, for an extended period of time.

BAIBA seems to be an important precursor to the fat-burning process in humans.

That exact process is scientifically referred to as “Fat oxidation” and is essentially what you need, in order to shed off those love handles.

Did you know that burnt fat goes out of the body in the form of 84% Carbon Dioxide and 16% Water?

Though at equal energy balance, more fat oxidation won’t mean more fat loss, BAIBA makes it easier to reach the effective point of fat oxidation and sustain it.

#3 Lean body mass retention

One of the biggest concerns about fat loss is namely the loss of lean body mass (LBM)

Lean body mass is all tissue in the body, except for fat (including muscle, bone and organ tissue)

Needless to say, loss of LBM will make the organism weaker, more vulnarable and fragile.

The main things to consider in order to retain LBM is consuming enough protein, as well as doing high-intensity resistance exercise, away from failure.

However, adding the right supplements to well-established nutrition and training regimens will do wonders.

BAIBA is without a doubt one of the wonder ingredients that can not only help you lose fat, but also prevent the loss of lean body mass.

#4 Carbohydrate tolerance & Insulin sensitivity

Carbohydrates and insulin have been two of the things that weight loss is most attributed to.

Well, while the main factor is your energy balance, carbs and insulin will relate more to your body’s ability to store and release energy from glucose.

Your carbohydrate tolerance is the body’s ability to easily digest carbs. The higher, the better.

Higher insulin sensitivity on the other hand, allows the body’s cells to use glucose more effectively, hence, reducing blood sugar.

Turning your body into a well-oiled machine that can metabolize everything quicker is essential to sustainable fat loss.

The good news?BAIBA optimizes both carb tolerance and insulin sensitivity, allowing for more efficient energy-releasing processes, especially during workout.

Now of course, we don’t claim that this ingredient alone will compensate for the lack of a well-structured nutrition plan.

So here are other factors to consider, when you are trying to show your best, leanest shape.


How to lose weight

During a period of weight loss, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

1. Being in a caloric deficit

Each and every body requires a certain amount of energy (daily) to sustain vital functions and mass in space (weight).

That number depends on a variety of factors, mainly gender, age, height, weight, daily activity and exercise output.

Consuming less energy than that level of maintenance, leads to weight loss.

By giving the body less energy than it requires to maintain its weight, we allow the organism to tap into its energy reserves (Fats).

The studies strongly support the idea that BAIBA can make it easier to get into a deficit, by seamlessly making the body burn more energy.

2. Controlling cravings

Setting up a diet plan is easy, but the hard part is making it sustainable and sticking to it.

The first step to avoid cravings is to, well, put your body in a moderate deficit of not more than 500 calories per day.

Secondly, you can add supplements to your well-established nutrition plan, to optimize its effects.

You see, fat loss ingredients like BAIBA don’t trick your body into burning fat.

They simply help control the levels of hormones that would otherwise cause hunger and cravings.

And that of course, makes the process more bearable.

3. Macronutrient intake

If you are looking to lose as much fat as possible with as little muscle loss as possible, setting up your macronutrients and timing them is of prime importance.

That is, providing enough protein, carbs and fats, in a timely manner around the workout and throughout the day.

Contrary to popular belief, the secret is in a balanced approach, moreso than giving edge to one single aspect of the nutrition plan.

You can learn everything about weight loss and weight gain on our “Calorie calculator” page.


It appears that in the fitness world, often times, some things are given more credit than they need, while others, are undervalued and underestimated.

Now this begs the question, if BAIBA really is that good, why is it not famous yet?

Well, the answer is quite simple – It does not get much attention and no one is really commercializing it.

Except for… Two companies – NNB Nutrition and Alpha Lion


One of the most innovative companies in the fitness world is namely NNB Nutrition.

Their mission is to seek out, identify and implement new, promising products.

As more and more compelling evidence about BAIBA gathered, it wasn’t long before NNB Nutrition jumped into the game. 

Soon enough, they perfected the L-β-aminoisobutyric acid and came out with their new, patented product, called “MitoBurn”

Who’s MitoBurn™ For?

MitoBurn™ is NNB nutrition’s new, patented weight-loss ingredient that has shown promising results up until this point.

Now, we don’t want to make this sound like it is the next magical ingredient or an “easy solution”.

The fact of the matter is that MitoBurn™ alone, won’t compensate for the lack of good training and nutrition.

BUT… If you already have well-established training and eating regimens, a MitoBurn-based supplement can and will enhance your end results.

Let’s rewind…

If you’ve been with us over at Alpha Lion for some time, you know we always strive to deliver the best, most effective and well-tasting supplements.We are more famously known for our “Superhuman pre-workout” line, which offers a flurry of synergistic substances, that promote energy, focus, strength and pumps.With our original formula of 15 ingredients (some of which are patented) you won’t really be able to find a better stimulant-based, fitness-oriented product. Well, that is unless… You want to burn fat.

Introducing superhuman burn


The revolutionary, new Superhuman Burn originates from the top-rated, award-winning pre-workout of 2020 – Superhuman.

SuperHuman Burn is a one of a kind pre-workout formula, which aims to combine the effects of a max-dosed pre-workout stimulant and an aggressive fat burner.

The supplement was designed to help you crank up your workout intensity, give you epic pumps and increased athletic performance with the added bonus of being an aggressive fat burner. 

Needless to say, SuperHuman Burn contains the Pump & Performance Matrix, Energy Matrix, Focus Matrix and Absorption matrix that SuperHuman pre-workout users have grown to love with every workout.

What makes SuperHuman Burn the first pre workout of its kind however is the innovative combination of 4 Trademarked ingredients that combine to form the SuperHuman Fat Burn Matrix.

Each of these 4 ingredients serves a valuable purpose in helping you obliterate your body’s most stubborn fat cells with every workout.


Every great product has a core of great ingredients. 

Below, you can learn more about the 4 EPIC ingredients that make up our Superhuman Burn.


baiba for weight loss

As you already learned thus far, MitoBurn™ (L-BAIBA), is one of the important exercise factors.

This acid forces your body to melt fat cells for energy, allowing you to lose stubborn fat around your stomach, chest and love handles much easier. 

MitoBurn ™ has also been shown to improve your overall metabolism, making it a powerful all around fat burning ingredient.


This second ingredient was made to activate thermogenesis in the body while boosting your overall energy and mood.

Not only does it promote aggressive fat loss, but it does so while increasing blood flow and providing antioxidant effects. 

Perfect addition to a pre-workout/fat burner hybrid.

cocoabuterol for weight loss


advantra z for fat loss

 ADVANTRA Z® is an extract of the citrus fruit “Bitter orange”, which helps facilitate energy-releasing processes in the body.

This in turn stimulates metabolic processes, amino acid uptake but also increases lipolysis and exerts mild hunger-suppressing effects.

This is one of the few patented thermogenic ingredients, specifically used for weight loss and physical performance.

The Advantra Z and its other 3 synergistic ingredients on the list, will grant a sustainable and enjoyable fat loss process.


Last but not least, we have the CaloriBurn GP™, also known as “grains of paradise” .

This nice little ingredient tops off the quadruplet of fat burning assassins. 

This ingredient helps increase your energy expenditure so you burn more calories and increase your metabolic rate every single workout.

For this exact reason, we have decided to add CaloriBurn GP™ to the  matrix of our new hybrid product.

These 4 amazing, patented ingredients are at the core of our Superhuman fat-burning matrix.

However, as this product also serves as a pre-workout, there are a variety of other ingredients that support each matrix.

This will ultimately give you the ability to optimize pump, strength, energy, focus and overall performance.

Without crashing afterwards.

Our friends over at PricePlow were nice enough to create a thorough breakdown of the superhuman burn formula.

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Stay tuned…

March 26th

L-BAIBA may turn out to be one of the most effective fat-bu`rning ingredients, as it has given promising results in a variety of studies. 

With it’s revolutionary hybrid pre-workout/fat-burner hybrid called “Superhuman Burn”, Alpha Lion offers fitness trainees a new possibility to create sustainable fat loss.

This product will be exclusively available on the 26th of March, on Alpha Lion’s website, which can be accessed via the button below.