5 Things To Give Up In This Meal Plan To Get Ripped

I know a lot of my articles talk about quick hacks and little tricks to get shredded and aesthetic, so I thought it would be interesting to change the table and look at the other side of the equation, and also a meal plan to get ripped!

The best way to get ripped fast is to learn from someone that used to be in your shoes and wasn’t ripped. Someone that used to be exactly where you are, and figured out a way to overcome the obstacles and get the results you desire.

I used to be pudgy and skinny fat, and was the farthest thing from being ripped and aesthetic.

The truth is I have had to change a lot about myself to get ripped fast.

What’s changed the most is I had to eliminate a lot of bad habits that gave me a mediocre physique throughout college.

I was working out JUST as hard when I was in college that I am now, but the truth is the biggest change happened when I started to give up these 5 habits.

5 Things to give up If you want to Get Ripped Fast

1. Lack of Self Discipline

If you want to get ripped quickly you have got to have discipline.

Your mind doesn’t want you to be shredded. Your mind wants you to sit around and be lazy and eat chocolate and gummy bears all day!

If it was up to your primitive state you would stay in bed while having sex and ice cream all day.

This is why being too comfortable makes you a little lazy. You have to fire up that desire from within and that all starts with self-discipline.

But me sitting up on my high horse telling you to be more disciplined is pointless.

What actionable step can you implement to gain more discipline so you don’t binge on junk food and skip workouts?

By the way, this is the first tip for a reason. Once you implement this the other 4 on the list will be easy!

Getting more disciplined while starting your shredding diet and getting ripped workout plan all starts with one simple thing.

Changing the perception of yourself!

Your behavior will NEVER deviate from your internal mapping.

The strongest force in the human psychology is the need to stay congruent with how you identify yourself.

How you view yourself right now will act in accordance that.

If you view yourself as shredded, ripped, and aesthetic you will act like someone who is a shredded beast.

If you view yourself as lazy, pudgy, and incapable of being an aesthetic god you will never be one. It’s as simple as that.

Tell yourself every day that you are a shredder motherf*cker, and you will be one step closer.

Remember, the purpose of a goal is not to achieve that goal necessarily. The purpose of a goal is to see WHO you must become in order to achieve that goal.

Every goal changes who you are, and the minute you start telling yourself that you’re a shredded and aesthetic dude you will start thinking and acting like that.

This will immediately change you and shift your mind. You need to reaffirm yourself this every day! When you wake up, when you are doing cardio, when you are training in the gym, when you are craving bad foods, when you are out to eat.

ALWAYS tell yourself that you are shredded and aesthetic and identify with this as your core belief.

Once you change your internal mapping, you will never deviate from it.

Decide who you want to be and become that person in advance!

You MUST think, act, and behave like someone who is ripped to become it.

2. Drinking Empty Calories

Now that we got all that fancy mindset stuff figured out, let’s talk about the #1 thing that has to happen in a meal plan to get ripped fast. You are going to need to create a caloric deficit somehow.

I don’t care what fancy workout program or diet plan you are following. YOU HAVE to create the calorie deficit somehow. Belly fat doesn’t magically disappear every time you eat a piece of broccoli.

In fact, you could lose body fat on a day when you are eating a bunch of candy, BUT this will make it so much harder of course.

Now – we need to burn more calories than our body consumes to lose body fat. You should have a goal to be on a 500-700 calorie deficit per day to lose 1-2 lbs. of pure fat per week.

Next time you drink a can of soda or order a double Caramel frappuccino realize that your chances of getting ripped fast are slim to none.

If you have to eat 2,300 calories per day to get ripped fast (which is how many I have to eat) – you aren’t going to be able to consume 500 per day from empty calories and carbonated sugar water.

It’s not realistic as you will get too hungry. Drinking a 500 calorie frappuccino from Starbucks, a high sugar energy drink, or a can of soda will spike your insulin and not make you full at all. This means you down quick calories and then will be craving sugar and be hungry again shortly after.

This puts you on a really vicious cycle of being hungry and craving sugar all day long.

If you are going to eat, make sure it’s something that keeps you full! Stick with carbs that are high in fiber, lean protein, and healthy fats.

Save the 10-20% of your diet that is dirty for post workout, or for later in the day when you ate perfectly all day and want to reward yourself.

I’m on a competition shredding diet right now, but if it’s 7 PM and I’ve only eaten 1,700 calories and have 600 left – I might reward myself with some Halo Top ice cream, or a Power Crunch bar.

Doing this is a calculated way to enjoy my food and reward my hard work. This is WAY different than craving a hot fudge sundae at 2 PM and downing 1,000 calories mid-day and end up falling off the wagon and craving other bad foods all day.

3. Eating BIG Late Night Meals

In my opinion, the key to getting ripped fast is to train like a beast while restricting your calories. This can become pretty complicated for most. My favorite strategy is to eat the majority of my daily calories pre and post workout.

Post workout is the 1 time where those carbs will help me repair my muscles from the workout, shuttle amino acids into the muscle cells, maximize protein synthesis, all that good stuff.

Remember – the key to getting ripped fast is we also don’t want to LOSE muscle mass. This will result in a less aesthetic physique and also cause you to slow down your metabolism. The more muscle mass you have the higher your resting metabolism will be as your body is forced to carry around more lean mass.

Now – realistically you could still lose body fat quickly and eat a 1,000 calorie meal before bed. The only way for this to work however would be to pretty much starve yourself all day long, and that includes pre and post workout.

If starving yourself all day long including pre and post workout is going to have a negative impact on your workout intensity, it’s not helping you get shredded!

Stay away from late night Papa Johns and other higher calorie meals and try to eat really light and clean within 1-2 hours of bedtime as those things are not in the meal plan to get ripped.

If I’m really hungry I’ll eat an organic raw greens salad with some lean protein on top. This does a great job of keeping me full as it contains a ton of fiber.

Another thing I eat is an egg white omelet with some grilled chicken and veggies. At under 300 calories, it’s the perfect meal to chow down as it contains perfect protein.

4. NOT Doing Cardio

I almost put ‘not being lazy’ for this one but what I really mean is staying super active so you can burn more calories every day. Remember the #1 way to get ripped fast is you need to create a caloric deficit. Since I know you love your food, the best way to do this without starving yourself is to incorporate cardio.

My rule of thumb is I like to create about 50% of my caloric deficit from reducing my calories, and the other 50% from cardio.

The reason the ‘Science Of Abs program’ has worked so well for thousands of guys all over the world is they are doing HIIT Cardio.

Running sprint intervals and doing HIIT boosts your metabolism for up to 24 hours following the exercise.

This means that you are burning more calories while doing the workout, but also AFTER when you are at rest. This is helping you create a caloric deficit!

Combine 2-3 HIIT training sessions each week with 15-20 minutes of cardio each day and you can pretty much eat like a king and still lose body fat quickly.

See what I mean about not being lazy? By doing a little bit of cardio each day, incorporating HIIT, and training in the weight room you are burning a ton of extra calories.

This means you can likely consume 2,500-3,000 calories per day and STILL get ripped fast. Not only will you lose fat quickly doing this, but you will sculpt lean and aesthetic muscles while staying shredded!

Don’t be lazy. Get active and get ripped fast!

5. INSTANT Gratification

You truly have to enjoy the journey and the day to day grind. If you want to get ripped fast you have to take a ton of pleasure in delaying gratification.

Every time you see yourself in the mirror, you have to LOVE the fact that you are getting more shredded and this alone is going to have to be a driving force in keeping you away from the instant gratification of eating candy, and being lazy.

Just in the last week there have been at least 5 occasions where I had the spoon in the almond butter jar, or I took out the Halo Top Ice cream or stared at my favorite power crunch bar, and was able to resist the urge because I was starting to LOVE what i saw in the mirror.

Focusing all of your attention on the positive outcome instead of instant gratification is an awesome trick that will help you in trying to get shredded fast, but also with all goals in your life.

If you want to get rich fast, or you want to get ripped fast and all you are focusing on is instant gratification INSTEAD of the journey and the day to day grind you are destined to fail.

Remember this – LOVE the grind and embrace the journey. You are becoming more disciplined and you are getting more shredded everyday. This will change who you are, your hormone levels, even your energy levels forever.

Forego the short term gratification for long term results. This is what success is all about!

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