Does Alcohol Shrink Muscles? This is Twice as Lethal…

So, does alcohol shrink muscles? In case you didn’t know there are actually 8 Silent Muscle Killers that are destroying 97% of guys gains.

Yes – I actually took a poll of 1,000 guys I was coaching Online Worldwide in 2016 and 970 answered YES to 1 of the silent muscle killers!

These 8 Silent Muscle Killers have absolutely nothing to do with your workout plan.

I’m also not going to bore you with another article about how you need to eat Grilled Chicken and Sweet potatoes 8 times a day to get Huge – so Macro Bro Science is also not one of the 8 Silent Muscle Killers.

This Silent Muscle Killer is what separates the guys who make super fast gains VS. the guys who struggle for years to build a muscular physique.

The question isn’t as simple as “does ALCOHOL shrink muscles?” – Ever wonder why there are those few select guys at your gym who seem to get bigger and stronger each week?

It’s because they have dialled in the intangibles and are NOT committing muscle building suicide, which you are about to see can be done in 8 specific ways.

One of the most lethal Muscle Killers of all time is Alcohol, but there is something twice as lethal as alcohol when building muscle mass.

Make sure you read until the end because. Does alcohol shrink muscles? Well. I’m going to tell you the scientific reasons how alcohol sabotages your lean muscle gains, and an easy Hack you can do to prevent it from happening to you.

But first – we have something super important we need to cover.

If you are between the ages of 18-28 and are trying to pack on aggressive slabs of lean muscle mass make sure you pay very close attention, and I even encourage you to take notes.

Heck – write this on your refrigerator so you see it every single morning, or throw a Post-It note on your Tinder dates forehead if you have too.

You need to be reminded of this every single day so your NOT committing muscle building suicide. Let’s start this journey off with a simple question.

Quick question: When does your Body Actually Build bigger Biceps and larger Chest Muscles?

  • A. When you are chowing down a Chipotle Burrito Bowl
  • B. When you are At the Gym doing a superset of Bicep Curls.
  • C. When you are watching Netflix and Chillin with your Tinder Date
  • D. When you enter your REM sleep Cycle

Unfortunately, the answer is not C – although it is probably the most fun out of the options!

The correct answer is D – REM Sleep.

Notice that I said REM sleep, and not just sleep in general. Getting high-quality REM sleep is when your bicep muscles grow and your pectorals turn straight beast mode! Learn how to lose fat while sleeping here.

C’mon Bro, I don’t care about a boring article about sleep I want to know – does alcohol shrink muscles??!! (Is what you are probably thinking) – But Stay with me for a few minutes longer because it absolutely will mean the difference between you having puny 14-inch arms or monster 18-inch arms that command respect.

The only time of the day when your body is actually busy building muscle and repairing itself is when you enter your REM sleep cycle – so to make really fast gains we need to ‘optimize’ REM sleep.

It’s important to note that this doesn’t necessarily mean HOW MUCH sleep you are getting. You can get 6 hours of sleep and make way better gains than the guy who is getting 9 hours of sleep if it’s the maximum amount of REM.

You can get 6 hours of sleep and make way better gains than the guy who is getting 9 hours of sleep if it’s the maximum amount of REM.

Now, Everybody sleeps at night, Right? How are some guys sabotaging their gains while others aren’t? (I’m not Miss Cleo – but I like to predict how you think!)

To comprehend this we are going to break down something you might not have heard of called ‘Cortisol Cycles’ – and why it’s the real ‘Cycle’ you should be paying attention too. (Yah – I made a Steroid Pun)

Before I jump the gun, Cortisol is simply your body’s stress response system.

Cortisol is typically referred to as a ‘stress hormone’, which makes it sound like it’s something really horrible, but it actually isn’t.

After all, stress is bad, right?

The real goal isn’t to have as little cortisol as possible; it’s to have a healthy rhythm of cortisol highs and lows.

The Proper Cortisol Cycle in Your Body = Aggressive Slabs of Lean Muscle Mass packed onto your body.

What should a Proper Muscle Building Cortisol Cycle look like in your body?

A healthy pattern of cortisol levels looks like this:

  • A big spike in the morning just after you wake up. (making you alert and ready to face the day)
  • A slow decline throughout the day, with small rises after meals.
  • By bedtime, your cortisol levels are low. (this is why you feel sleepy)

So let me explain why most guys don’t have Low Cortisol Levels before bedtime, Thus sabotaging their hard work all day in the Gym!

Sun and light exposure is a major driver of Cortisol response in the body.

Light is one of the major drivers of the circadian rhythm (Internal Body Clock) – we’re naturally wired to get sunlight when we’re awake and darkness when we’re asleep.

Shift workers, for example, often have trouble sleeping properly because their cortisol is still high in the day thanks to sunlight exposure. This throws off the circadian pattern of the cortisol cycle.

Shift work is an extreme example, but consider how many people stay up late at night staring at bright blue computer screens or their iphones: that’s basically the same thing as getting a big dose of sunlight just before bedtime, and it’ll throw off your REM sleep big time?

Which seriously Puts a Sledgehammer straight to your Biceps, right before you are entering your Prime Muscle Building State!

Spiking your cortisol before bedtime is the single most catastrophic thing you can do for building muscle mass.

It’s the equivalent to someone desperately trying to lose belly fat and eating a Giant hot fudge Sundae with extra heavy whipped cream, and a side of peanut butter cups!

Spiking your cortisol from the blue lights coming from electronic devices is a great way to get less REM sleep each night, and if the most important time of the day for muscle growth is during your REM sleep I’m sure you are pretty curious how to avoid this, right?!

There is a super easy hack you can do so you can continue your Tv, iPhone and Macbook binge sessions before bed – and its BLUE BLOCKERS!

These magical Blue Blockers will prevent your body from producing large amounts of Cortisol when you stare at bright electronic screens before bed.

Its as simple as that – Yet hardly anybody in the world except the top performers and bodybuilders know about it!

Seriously – I started using these last year about 1 hour before bedtime and I noticed a huge difference in my muscle growth, energy, and my testosterone levels even went up (I like to think of myself as a guinea pig for SuperHuman performance so I often get blood work done to test my Bro Science Theories)

These miracle glasses are also dirt cheap – costing just $12.99 on Amazon.

If you want the kind that I wear I’ll throw a link at the end of this article. (And NO – I don’t make any money if you purchase them from me – just trying to give you the best Muscle Hack that hardly any guys know about!)

I’ve even started wearing them recently as a Russell Westbrook inspired Fashion statement?

Now – I remember I promised to tell you WHY alcohol is 1 of the Silent Muscle Killers, and an easy hack you can do to avoid losing gains when you have a night out with the bros.

Once again I hear you ask, does alcohol shrink muscles? Excessive alcohol consumption seriously ruins your gains because it:

  • Dehydrates your Muscle Cells (your muscles are nearly 70 percent water!)
  • Shuts down protein synthesis by up to 20 percent
  • When was the last time you had a great workout hungover?
  • Depletes electrolyte levels crucial for muscle performance, growth, and recovery
  • Lowers anabolic hormones like Testosterone up to 25%
  • Destroys energy levels

To put it in Lehman’s terms the number 1 thing that destroys your chance of fast muscle growth when you drink is when your muscle cells aren’t holding as much water, they won’t perform optimally in the gym.

How can you make gains without your muscles performing at peak capacity during a workout?

Now – the next time you go out drinking with the boys I want you to follow this super easy system I created, and its all about preventing your muscle cells from losing electrolytes and water.

Part One – Combine a Slow digesting protein source with a potassium filled carbohydrate source about 90 Minutes before you start drinking

The best ‘pre-drinking meal’ will combine these two elements.

My go to pre-drinking meal is grass Fed Beef or a grilled sirloin steak and I pair it with a large sweet potato. This is the perfect pre-drinking meal to conserve muscle mass!

Part Two – The Post Drinking Protocol for Not Losing Gains

Ok – your epic night is over and you might have even got laid, but whatever you do don’t go to bed just yet! We need to replenish those fluids and fill up your muscle cells. This simple protocol has actual

This simple protocol is so powerful I’ve actually hit a PR on dead lifts the day after drinking!

The first thing you will want to drink is Gatorade or Pedialyte – but you are going to be adding an X-factor to this which will prevent you from lowering your protein synthesis!

I want you to add 5 Grams of Leucine powder to the Gatorade or Pedialyte. Leucine is the most important BCAA for initiating

Leucine is the most important BCAA for initiating protein synthesis. You can buy pure Leucine powder on amazon (Link will be at end of the article under ‘Gains Resources’.

After this I want you to take 3 ZMA pills – which is a synergistic combo of zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6. Magnesium is one of the key electrolytes that gets depleted when you drink alcohol – and is very important for testosterone production along with zinc.

If you are hungry I recommend another meal of slow digesting protein and potassium filled carbs. I recently had Salmon and a Banana and I woke up feeling like a champ after my friends birthday.

No need to overcomplicate this – it’s as simple as that!

  • Slow digesting protein + Potassium filled carb source before and After drinking
  • 20 Ounces of Gatorade or Pedialyte with 5grams?Leucine powder
  • 3 ZMA pills


The best advice is often the simplest and hope I’ve answered the “does alcohol shrink muscles” questions. With a Pair of Blue Blockers and and a simple eating and supplement protocol, you can be head and shoulders above your competition and become a Muscle building machine.

Now – I want to invite you to join me and other dudes just like you all trying to get ripped and shredded to my private Facebook group – SuperHuman You. CLICK HERE and request to join. I’ll see you on the inside, in the meantime, check out further nutritional hacks and tips here.

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