Welcome to the SuperHuman You nutrition page - where you will find useful articles on a variety of nutrition topics like macros, meal plans, and best foods. Whether you are trying to build muscle or burn fat - your nutrition will make or break your results.

Understanding the importance of nailing your macros to reach your muscle building and fat loss goals will drastically speed up your progress. You will find some great sources of information on this topic below.

You will also have some great full day of eating meal plans available to you for every nutrition goal. Not sure on what the best foods are for your body goal? Don't worry as we have full lists of the best muscle building foods and fat loss foods for you to choose from so you have a ton of variety.

If you are looking for specific information on a popular diet we recommend you head on over to our diets page, and if you are looking for a step by step 12 week nutrition plan we recommend you head over to our Programs Page as our Crave Diet™ can help you reach any body goal.

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