Get The “Bicep Vein” To Make Your Bicep Veins Pop!!!

Want to get the “bicep vein” to pop?!

Ever wonder why some guys have the road map bicep vein popping out of their skin and other guys just don’t? I had the same question when I started lifting and it always fascinated me. But I have figured it out… the exact tips & tricks that will ensure your Bicep veins POP! Also check out our bicep exercises database as well.

On one side of the spectrum you have guys walking around that looks like they have Google maps running through their Arms and on the other hand you have guys that just don’t have that Bicep Vein showing at all.

But why is that???

Does it all just come down to your genetic makeup? Were you just not born with that Bicep vein?

Step #1: Understanding What the Bicep Vein Is

Well, I can tell you it actually is not genetic. That Bicep vein is called the Cephalic Vein and every single person has that vein in their Arms and has the potential to make it stand out.

Bicep Vein Anatomy

As you can see from the diagram above everyone has the Cephalic Vein. I’m going to give you the exact 4 Step Blueprint to really make that vein Pop and be prominent throughout the day – even if you are not lifting & getting a pump!

Your Cephalic Vein is also referred to as a Superficial Vein. What this means is that your Cephalic Vein is a Vein that is close to the surface of the body.

If your Cephalic Vein is not showing then there are 3 reasons that might be causing this!

  1. You Either Don’t Have Enough Bicep Mass To Push That Vein To The Surface
  2. Your Body Fat % Is To High
  3. You Might Have A Lot Of Water & Fluid Between The Skin & The Muscle

Now this is where it gets interesting!!

Let’s get into the BEST type of Bicep training to bring out your Bicep Vein. This form of training is going to focus specifically on your Bicep Brachialis & Bicep Peak.

Anatomy of the Bicep

The more developed your Bicep Brachialis gets the further it is going to actually push your Bicep further out and get that Cephalic Vein to the surface. And the Bicep peak is what is going to give your Biceps their height.

The combination of the Brachialis & Peak is going to be your best bet!

Watch My 7 Unique Exercises For Maximum Focus & Tension On Your Bicep Brachialis & Peak

By following these exercises that I have provided in the video for you is a sure fire way to get your Biceps Bulging & get maximum Bicep Vascularity.

Now that we have the First Step covered let’s take a look at:

Step #2 – Diet Hacks For Bicep Vein Vascularity

#1) Drink 1-2 Gallons Of Water Per Day

At a minimum I would recommend drinking 1-2 Gallons of water per day. The more water that you drink the less water your body is going to retain. And the more water & fluid your body is retaining the less likely you are to be vascular.

#2) Eat Foods High In Potassium

Foods that are High In Potassium are so important for full muscle volume. When your muscles are depleted of potassium your body is going to look really flat (Which is not what you want). Take a look at some of the foods I would recommend including to your diet.

High Potassium Foods

The fuller your muscle bellies are the more the Bicep Vein is going to be pushed out to the surface!

#3) Sodium

Sodium is extremely important for muscle fullness & giving you better pumps at the gym! The best form of Sodium would be Himalayan Pink Sea Salt – The reason for this is because the health benefits of this are as follows:

  • Maintain Stable PH Balance
  • Reduces Common Signs of Aging
  • Increases Bone Strength
  • Controls Body Water Levels
  • Plus More!!

I would recommend adding some Himalayan Pink Sea Salt to your Pre Workout Meals & even adding some to your Pre Workout Supplement.

#4) ZMA & Amino Acids & Electrolytes Before Bed

The reason for this combination is for optimal night time recovery. But instead of buying each one of these supplements individually like I was doing (Cost me a Fortune) – Rather use something like Alpha Lion’s – Alpha Dreams  Nighttime Recovery Supplement.

The reason I recommend that is because you are going to get the maximum dosage of all your ZMA, Amino Acids & Electrolytes in one awesome serving. Optimal night time recovery leads to optimal muscle growth.

Step #3: Vital Pre Workout Ingredients for an Insane Bicep Vein Pump!

To be honest there are tons & tons of Pre Workouts on the Market. And I have tried quite a couple of them, but the key ingredients a Pre Workout needs in my opinion is as follows:

#1 – Citrulline Malate

At Least 8g is recommended as this is essentially your Nitric Oxide Precursor. This will force more nutrient rich Blood & oxygen into your muscles.

#2 – Hydromax Glycerol

I recommend this because it is a highly concentrated form of powdered Glycerol. This is excellent for preventing dehydration when training, improves muscle pumps & performance in the gym.

#3 – Taurine

Taurine is excellent for pulling water into the muscles which helps increase the pumps you experience. This pairs very nicely with the other ingredients mentioned

#4 – Nitrosigine

This is a patent ingredient that not many supplements actually incorporate into their products. However this is an extremely powerful for creating maximum muscle vascularity.

All of the ingredients listed above are all really important ingredients that would make an epic Pre Workout. Not only will your performance at the gym be increased but your muscle pumps will be that much better, and in turn your vascularity will also skyrocket!

And last but not least the 4th Step in our 4 Step Blueprint for insane vascularity & getting that Bicep Vein to Pop is – The Ideal Body Fat To Get That Bicep Vein To Show.

The good news is you don’t need to be crazy super lean to get that Bicep Vein showing all the time. Being around 10% Body fat is more than lean enough to have that Bicep vein be prominent 24 hours of the day, and even more so when you got a crazy pump going at the gym.

And that covers it!

I really hope you enjoyed this content piece – be sure to check out some of our other articles on the site. And don’t forget to watch the full Bicep Vein Video on our Youtube Channel for a more in depth explanation.

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