The Best Way To Get Ripped (Hint: It’s Your Brain!)

The best way to get ripped is the goal of every dude walking this planet during the summer months. Sadly, the approach for most bro’s is all about how much protein they should eat, what their macros are, and how many sit ups they should be doing per day.

While I talk about a ton of hacks to get shredded quickly on this site and on the Youtube Channel, nothing is more powerful than adopting a mindset that allows you to persevere through every obstacle that comes your way.

Let me quickly dive into the best mindset approach for not only getting shredded, burning body fat, and reaching whatever physique goal you have but to tackle any goal in life.

How To Get Ripped Fast (Brain Trick for Crazy Shreds)

The best thing you can do is have a pre-determined mindset towards adversity. If you have a big goal in your life with fitness or even in your personal life its a 100% certainty that you will deal with adversity.

This should never come as a surprise to you. Adversity will be at every corner of your workout routine and working towards a goal that takes a while to achieve.

Let’s say you are at 14 percent body fat and your goal is to get to 8% bodyfat while maintaining all of your hard earned muscle mass and getting more aesthetic.

Some of the adversity you will have to deal with is:

  • Going out to eat with friends and partying (Can you say no to alcohol and make healthy choices when everyone else around you is doing the opposite)
  • What if your significant other, boyfriend, or girlfriend doesn’t support your goal. What will you do now?
  • What if you realize you have been busting your butt for a whole month and you look at a picture from 30 days ago and you decide you made no progress and look the exact same? Will you lose motivation?

How you deal with adversity is the #1 determining factor on how you achieve success. How to get ripped faster starts with understanding that you will 100% have adversity to deal with, and you will always find a way to overcome it!

Make sure to watch the video, so you can hear my thoughts on how I have dealt with adversity in my personal life recently, and I’m confident it will help you guys get ripped fast this summer!? Don’t stop now, find more articles on how to get ripped.

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