These are the only 3 lower ab exercises you will need to get v cut abs because they are so d*mn effective at targeting the lower region of your abs!

lower ab exercises

When it comes to getting lower abs let’s make one thing clear: you need to be relatively lean and if you currently have a huge sheet of belly fat covering your abdominals, these exercises aren’t going to give you visible abs. What they are going to do is build the lower ab muscle, so when you get lean enough you will have a better looking six pack.

You need to be at least 12% bodyfat or leaner to get visible lower abs, so if you still have fat to lose make sure you head on over to our free fat loss calorie calculator after this article so you can figure out how many calories you should be eating to lose fat.

Most ab workouts do a good job of engaging the upper abdomianls, but not so much the lower ab muscles. I would go as far to say that 80% of ab exercises do not really hit the lower region. 

As you can see, the rectus abdominis is split up into your upper region and lower region. My lower abs have always been a weakness as you can see in the image below, they aren’t as defined as my upper abs.

This picture below is about 2 years old, and I am back to really focusing on lower ab training to get the best looking visible six pack possible. 

ab exercises

To stay consistent I am simplifying my routine and using just these 3 lower ab exercises split up into a 9 set workout that only takes me about 10 total minutes.

If you want to see me go through each lower ab exercise, i’ll link the youtube video at the end of this article, but let’s get into the only 3 lower ab exercises you need for v-cut abs. I want you to try this routine at least twice per week.

The perfect lower abs workout for men 

Lower abs exercise ⅓ - Abdominal Rollouts | Sets: 3 | Reps: 15 | Rest time: 30 Seconds


The first exercise is any form of an abdominal rollout exercise. If you are at a gym the easiest way to do this exercise is by setting up a barbell or ez bar and rolling out with your knees on the ground and getting a full stretch of your abdominals, and then use your lower abs and upper body to roll yourself back to the starting position.

Make sure you watch the best lower abs workout for men on youtube if you are unsure how to do any of these exercises, as I go through the entire workout for you.

The key with this exercise is to keep your hands shoulder width apart and get a full stretch all the way as you roll to fully engage the lower ab region. This is a challenging move so try to do 15 total reps and keep your rest times short around 30 seconds. 

Lower abs exercise ⅔ - Dragon Poles | Sets: 3 | Reps: 12 with slow eccentric | Rest Time: 30 Seconds

lower ab exercise

The dragon poles are probably the most advanced lower ab exercise and will light up your core. You will begin this move on a bench and start by stabilizing your body and grabbing the bench on the side of your head. Next you will lift your butt up in the air using your lower abs to pull your torso off the bench, and kick your legs out at around a 45 degree angle. The key is they aren’t kicking straight up, but rather at an angle that will engage your lower abs.

dragon pole

The hard part of this move is the eccentric, aka “lowering” your legs. I want you to try to stick to the top position for 1 second, and then lower your legs as slow as possible on the eccentric portion back to the starting position. This is a really advanced move so don’t get frustrated if you can’t handle it for more than a few reps. Build up your strength and keep aiming for more!

Lower abs exercise 3/3 - Running man | Sets: 3 | Reps: 30 (15 each leg) | Rest time: 30 seconds

The last lower ab exercise is called running man, and you will perform this lower ab move on a dip machine or captains chair machine.

lower ab move

This is a very similar move to hanging leg raises or hanging knee raises, except its an isolateral movement and will force your core to work for longer periods of time under tension. With the hanging leg raise a lot of you are performing the rep, but resting at the bottom for too long.

This move requires you to balance your body and lock your elbows on the dip bar so your chest and arms will be slightly engaged, but then you will focus on bringing 1 knee up at a time and acting as if you are running in place. Drive your knee as high up as you can and this will really engage your lower abdominal and v-line area. This is one of the best moves for those v-cut abs that everybody wants.


These are the only 3 lower ab exercises you need and in my opinion one of the best lower ab workouts for men you could do. Women - don’t be afraid to try this routine as well!

If you need help with your form on any of these exercises, be sure to check out the youtube video above of me going through the entire lower ab workout.

​Troy Adashun


Don’t get frustrated with where you are, just stay excited about where you are going. Getting abs is all about patience. Try this lower abs workout 2-3 per week at the minimum, and make sure to tag me on instagram @Troyshred with #superhumanfitness so I can keep you accountable!

Try this lower ab workout for men 2-3x per week to build a strong core and get visible lower abs, assuming your body-fat is low enough. If you try this lower ab workout be sure to tag me on Instagram @TroyShred and use the #superhumanfitness as I select people to win free programs and supplements each week who are taking action with the superhuman workouts!