Do you want to know how to build bigger arms? Do you want those sleeve hugging python arms that showcase to the whole world that you are a beast? If so you came to the right spot because we are going to dive into the blueprint on how to get bigger arms.

This article will contain 5 powerful bodybuilding hacks for rapid arm growth. I’m going to discuss ways to get big arms while you are also losing body fat! If you want to see the entire video breakdown of the workout mentioned in this article make sure to head on over to our Youtube channel.

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The goal of building bigger arms will seem like a piece of cake after implementing these powerful bodybuilding hacks into your regimen. This is not your grandfather’s list, as we will be covering some hardcore training hacks, pro bodybuilder nutrition hacks, and supplement science for thicker biceps and triceps.

If you want to add up to an inch on your arms over the next month, make sure you implement all five of these tips into your routine for rapid arm growth!

Let’s dive into the meat and potatoes of the bigger arms blueprint so you can make some gains!

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High Carb Day on Arm Day

I want to start this off with a really outside the box tip that has helped me make incredible gains on my arms over the last year. This is a bodybuilding hack that I learned from Greg Plitt. If you are trying to bring up a weak muscle group you should train it on your highest carbohydrate day of the week. I recommend that if you are doing a carb cycling diet or any sorts you train your arms on your high carb day.

I am a huge fan of doing carbohydrate free feed days – which means that 1-2 days per week I will jack up the amount of carbs that I eat. Insulin from carbs is highly anabolic and if you train your biceps and triceps once per week on your high carb day you will have amazing results with your training.

I try to eat about 400 grams of carbs on my pull/arm workout day and this always translates into better growth and better recovery even when I’m on a calorie deficit for the week.

In the next tip you are going to hear about the magic of just working out your biceps and triceps once per week. This means that on these training days you will increase the amount of carbohydrates you consume by about 100 percent!

If you are typically eating 250 grams of carbs per day you will be consuming about 500 grams of carbs on the days you train biceps and triceps and this will help build bigger arms.

The key to making this work is you actually drop the fat content, and keep your protein intake at around 1 gram per lb. of bodyweight.

Your daily calories are going to look something like this.

  • Protein: 1 gram per lb. of bodyweight
  • Carbs: 2 grams per lb. of bodyweight
  • Fat: As little as possible. 30-40 grams on high carb days

Now that we have our nutrition dialed in lets take a look at the proper training split for getting big arms.

Less is More For Big Arms

If you want those guns hugging the sleeves you need to make sure you are not overtraining your arms. Many guys make the classic mistake of working out their arms practically every day. This is actually going to slow down your progress big time.

The best recipe for success is to train your biceps once per week and your triceps once per week (on a high carbohydrate day of course).

If you train these muscle groups once per week you give your body the best chance to maximize the amount of micro tears you are able to create, which will correlate into getting big arms fast.

If you train your arms every single day in the gym your body will get used to constantly working this muscle and its ability to adapt and get bigger and stronger will be diminished.

Train insane or remain the same!

The key is when you train them you train insane! Throw the kitchen sink at your bicep training and you will have great results. If you want the once per week workout routine to work for bigger biceps and thicker triceps you need to make this workout count. I recommend doing 40 total sets of pure Biceps for one workout, and 40 total sets of pure triceps for another workout.

Advanced training techniques like fst-7, shortening rest times, and advanced angles are crucial.

The number 1 training hack is to make sure your arm exercises are ahead of your body, and that you have a slight wrist rotation at the top of the movement to crush your biceps even more!

Another one of my favorite arm training hacks is to implement FST-7 into the routine. This means I’m doing 7 total sets in the 8-12 repetition range and only resting about 30-40 seconds between sets. This is a great arm plateau buster.

Pre exhaust training is really powerful for getting big arms because it will place a more intense overload on your biceps and triceps. This is in fact Steve’s favorite strategy for getting big biceps. Instead of starting your biceps workout doing the heavy barbell curl exercise – you will instead perform the heavy barbell cheat curls when you are fatigued!

This simple transition from starting the workout with your heavy lift to ending the workout with your heavy lift when you are fatigued will make a huge difference in speeding up your arm growth.

You can apply this principle to any exercise – but its really important when learning how to build bigger arms.

Increase your pulling strength for Bigger Arms

A lot of guys solely focus on heavy bicep curls and cheat curls for bigger biceps – but your biceps are heavily involved with any pulling exercise such as the underhand grip barbell row, and underhand grip weighted pull ups.

Here are the five best pulling exercises to focus on increasing your strength on. If you are able to increase the weight you lift with by even 10 percent on all five of these exercises you will see a huge improvement. How to get big arms starts with increasing the functional strength of your biceps!

5 Pulling Exercises for Thicker Biceps:

  • Standing Barbell Row
  • Weighted Underhand Grip pull ups
  • Seated Row Machine
  • Underhand Grip Lateral Pulldown
  • Wide Grip Pull Ups

The Big Three

Alright Bro – we saved the best for last! I want you to start tracking your strength levels on the following three exercises and I want you to step foot in the gym like its your mission to increase your strength on the following three exercises each workout.

You should be doing these 3 exercises every week to build bigger arms starts with consistency.

If you are able to increase your strength on these three exercises you no doubt be able to gain up to an inch on your arms in 1-2 months.

  1. Barbell Cheat Curls
  2. Db Overhead Triceps
  3. Weighted Dips

These three exercises should be the focal point of your biceps and triceps training.

How to build bigger arms starts with consistency – and if you want fast results you need to stick with all five of these tips for an extended period of time. Miracles don’t happen overnight, but you can no doubt increase the size of your arms by 1-2 inches in just a few months from following this blueprint.

For further inspiration, check out our range of arm workouts to target all muscle groups.

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