The 3 Top Ways To Get Bigger Arms While Shredding

In today’s article I’m going to discuss 3 ways to get big arms while you are also losing body fat! If you want to see the entire video breakdown of the workout mentioned in this article make sure to head on over to our Youtube channel.

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How to Get Bigger Arms (While Losing Body Fat)

1. Train insane or remain the same!

You have to throw the kitchen sink at your arm training routine if you want bigger biceps. Advanced training techniques like fst-7, shortening rest times, and advanced angles are crucial.

The number 1 training hack is to make sure your arm exercises are ahead of your body, and that you have a slight wrist rotation at the top of the movement to crush your biceps even more!

Another one of my favorite arm training hacks is to implement FST-7 into the routine. This means I’m doing 7 total sets in the 8-12 repetition range and only resting about 30-40 seconds between sets. This is a great arm plateau buster.

Watch the how to build bigger arms workout in the video link below for the full workout.

2. Train your Arms on your High Carb Day

I recommend that if you are doing a carb cycling diet or any sorts you train your arms on your high carb day. Insulin is highly anabolic and if you train your biceps on your high carb day you will have amazing results with your training.

I try to eat about 400 grams of carbs on my pull/arm workout day and this always translates into better growth and better recovery even when I’m on a calorie deficit for the week.

3. Train them once per week

I recommend that you train your arms NO MORE than once per week while you are shredding. The key is when you train them you train insane! Throw the kitchen sink at your bicep training and you will have great results.

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