Looking for a change of pace from your usual workout? Tired of always using the barbell or a set of dumbbells? The EZ bar curl can be an excellent substitution. You can do many of the same EZ bar curl exercises that you can do with a barbell or a dumbbell set, but due to the hand position, you’re going to be stimulating the muscles from a different angle.

So which EZ curl bar exercises should you invest your time in? Here’s a list of ones to try.

10. EZ Bar Bicep Curls

The most obvious and often performed exercise is the EZ bar bicep curls. Due to the position of the hand on the EZ bar, this is going to be like a mixture between a standard dumbbell curl and a hammer curl, so you?ll get the best of both worlds in a new way to stimulate the muscle tissue.

When doing EZ curl bar exercises, remember to keep the body stationary at all times, and avoid swinging forward or backward. It’s important that you never let momentum take over the exercise or soon you?ll be in a position where you aren’t doing any work for the biceps and are only risking injury.

9. EZ Bar Overhead Tricep Extensions

After hitting your biceps, you?ll also want to ensure you are hitting your tricep muscles as well. Triceps are the larger of the two muscles so by developing them, you?ll stand your best chance of getting ?larger arms?.

The EZ bar overhead tricep extension is a great exercise to perform and many people find that it doesn’t place quite as much stress and strain on the elbow joint. This reduces your injury and can help you lift more weights in the long run.

8. EZ Bar Reverse Grip Curls

Don’t ever neglect forearm training as your this can quickly become your weakest link for more compound movements such as rows or deadlifts. The EZ bar reverse grip curls are perfect for targeting both the forearms and exercising the biceps, so are a perfect choice.

This exercise is designed to place more stress on the front of the arm and because this muscle is so small, don’t be surprised if you do have to drop the weight slightly in order to get the bar up and down. This is normal and natural so adjust accordingly so you can properly execute the exercise.

Like the standard curl, be sure that you keep your elbows locked tightly into your sides and avoid moving the upper body as you do this exercise. It should remain as stationary as possible.

7. EZ Bar Military Press

An EZ bar military press is a fun exercise to do when you’re in the mood to change things up from your typical overhead barbell press and can target the shoulders in a slightly different manner.

When doing this exercise, make sure to keep the core tight to prevent a sway in the lower back and potentially risk developing back pain over time.

You?ll also want to extend the elbows, pause for a second at the top of the movement and then slowly lower back down until you’ve finished your rep. Doing this exercise slow and controlled gives you maximum tension on the shoulder muscles, allowing you to reap optimal growth.

6. EZ Bar Deadlift

The deadlift is one of the best exercises you can do for the body and luckily, you can get the EZ bar to come into play. Deadlift does take a bit of skill and precision, so don’t attempt too heavy of a weighted EZ bar first – build up slowly.

You?ll perform an EZ bar deadlift in nearly the exact same way you would perform a regular style deadlift, so nothing changes there. You can also do a traditional Romanian style deadlift or do a stiff leg deadlift as well – whichever your preference happens to be.

The nice thing about using a pre-weighted EZ bar rather than a conventional barbell and weighted plates is that the weight is actually smaller in circumference, which will allow you to get a better natural stretch at the bottom of the exercise. Going through a greater range of motion can help you increase your overall development of this muscle, helping you see superior results.

5. EZ Bar Upright Row

An EZ bar upright row is another exercise that’s great to do when you need to switch things up and want to try something new. You?ll have your choice of where to grasp the handles when doing this and can play around with your grip to find one that’s going to be maximally comfortable for you.

The EZ bar upright row is primarily going to work your front delts, however you can also expect to see good benefits with it working your biceps and forearms as well. It’s traditionally performed after you do your bench press exercise, so note this when doing workout programming.

It’s also important to avoid trying to row the weight higher than shoulder height as this will place great strain on the shoulder joint muscle and could lead to joint pain over time.

4. Close Grip EZ Bar Press

If it’s chest you want to work, the close grip EZ bar press is a fantastic solution. The positioning of the bar and the movement pattern you take will really allow to target the triceps and feel them burning, evoking a great growth response.

Really focus on the squeeze when doing this exercise as it’s unlikely you?ll use heavy weights, so instead you want to focus on tempo (time under tension), the muscle squeeze along with taking the rep ranges higher.

The close grip EZ bar press should also be done towards the end of your workout program so you still have maximum strength for your heavier compound lifts.

3. Spider EZ Bar Curl

Spider EZ bar curl exercises are great for focusing in on the biceps and maximizing the development of the bicep peak. This exercise has you placing the arms across a preacher curl bench and then holding the EZ bar curl with both hands and curling it upwards.

Because this exercise stabilizes the entire body and prevents any unwanted movement with the upper body, you?ll help optimize the stress load being placed on the bicep muscle.

This exercise is best done using a lighter weight and taking the rep ranges higher so you can optimize the hypertrophy response and really feel the biceps burning.

Be sure to perform some thorough stretching after doing this exercise to help prevent unwanted soreness the next day.

2. Skull Crushers

Skull crushers are a fantastic exercise for hitting the triceps as well and will help pack on muscle size while also increasing your strength.

This exercise is typically done on a flat bench press, keeping the elbows pointing upwards while you raise and lower the weight as you go through the movement.

As these EZ curl bar exercises tend to lead to some elbow pain in some individuals, use it sparingly in your workout routine to avoid overuse injuries, but if you can do it, definitely get it in.

While doing this exercise, you?ll want to ensure your back stays pressed flat into the back pad at all times to avoid feeling excess strain in the lower back joints.

1. Supinated Front Raise

Finally, the last great exercise you?ll want to perform with the EZ curl bar is a supinated front raise. Most people will typically do their front raises with a set of dumbbells, working each arm individually however with this exercise, you?ll work both arms at one time, saving time in the gym while also presenting a new stimulus to the muscle tissues.

The supinated front raise, because of the hand position while doing the exercise will target the front delts as well as the chest muscle and biceps to a small degree.

It’s a perfect exercise to do towards the end of your workout program to really finish your muscles off, using a lighter weight with and taking it into the higher rep range.

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