If you’re on a mission to get a bigger chest, there are a certain number of chest exercises that you’ll definitely want to focus on.

The chest exercises for getting a bigger chest are not always the ones you would think of and what’s very important is that you have enough variety in your workout routine.

One big mistake many guys make is hitting the gym and doing bench press after bench press only to find that their chest eventually hits a plateau and they just can’t physically add any more weight to the bar.

Not to mention, all this bench pressing is likely to land them with an overuse injury in time, compounding the situation.

So what are you to do? Try these top 10 chest exercises for a larger chest. If you get these into the picture, I promise you?ll see remarkable gains.

Chest Cable Scissor Fly

If you want to receive maximum muscle activation, you have to try the chest cable scissor fly. This chest exercise is amazing for helping you achieve maximum muscle activation throughout the entire chest region, so there really isn?t any exercise that can beat it.

Chest Cable Scissor Fly Chest Exercise

You?ll hit the upper and lower chest as well as the superficial and the deep muscles provided you do enough volume and reach that needed point of fatigue.

This exercise is one that typically gets overlooked sadly because many guys are much more focused on their heavy compound lifts but it will transform your physique.

To help keep boost your results with this exercise, consider keeping your range of motion in the tension phase of the exercise and do half reps in that section. This will send your level of muscle fatigue soaring.

Dumbbell Around The World?

Dumbbell around the worlds are a fun exercise to do if you’ve never done them before and need a change of pace from your usual exercises. When doing this exercise, focus on keeping a slight bend in the elbows as you move the arms around in order to maintain constant and proper tension on the chest muscle.

Dumbbell Around the World Chest Exercise

This one is great for bringing up a lagging upper chest, so if that happens to be your problem zone, it’s likely the one you?ll want to focus on. Think of achieving a swooping up motion by squeezing your upper pecs as the top of this exercise for best results.

Dumbbell Bench Press

The dumbbell bench press exercise is the go-to for many who are looking to build a stronger chest and who may not have access to a barbell station. It’s great for hitting the mid chest and because you are working each side individually, it’s also a great exercise for helping to prevent any muscular imbalances as well.

Dumbbell Bench Press Chest Exercise

When you’re doing the barbell bench press, while you can typically lift heavier, it’s very easy for one side to take over the brunt of the work and for it to get stronger while the other gets weaker. This needs to be avoided at all costs.

To get the most from this workout, make sure to go very slow on the eccentric portion of this exercise.

Barbell Incline Press

Speaking of barbells, this brings us to the next exercise you?ll want to consider which is the barbell incline press. This exercise is designed to help maximize upper chest development, so if that’s a region you want to improve on, one you?ll definitely want to be focusing on.

Barbell Incline Press Chest Exercise

As this one does have you on an incline, it’s very normal that you?ll get some shoulder activation with it as well, so you might consider doing this on a day you are training both chest as well as shoulders.

The degree of incline will dictate how much chest activation you receive versus how much shoulder activation with the higher the incline, the higher the chest activation you?ll see.

As this is a good mass builder, aim to lift heavy on it and take 2-3 seconds to go down so as to experience maximum tension on the muscle fibers.

Dumbbell Pull-Overs

Dumbbell pull-overs are a fun chest exercise to add to your workout routine and also a great one to do if you’re ever working out in a home gym. When doing this exercise, you?ll want to focus on the mind-muscle connection with your upper pecs as much as possible. You will also activate your lats – there’s no real way around that – so know that this compound exercise will target both muscle groups.

Dumbbell Pull-Over Chest Exercise

As long as that mind-muscle connection is there however, you should be able to feel the chest muscle being activated.

Weighted Dips

Weighted dips are an exercise that also often get overlooked, often because guys are simply uncomfortable with the set-up. Get a good dip belt so that you can strap weight to the body while doing this and then prepare to feel that chest working.

Weighted Dips Chest Exercise

This exercise is ideal for hitting your lower chest as well as your mid-chest, so is an all around great chest builder.

As this is one of the best lower chest mass builders, you?ll want to lift as heavy as possible and be strict with your form. Be sure that you are also using a slower movement pattern to evoke maximum muscle tension.

Dumbbell Low To High’s

Dumbbell low to high’s are a nice exercise to include in your workout routine if you’re someone who’s looking to target your upper chest and feel the muscles working.

Dumbbell Low to High Chest Exercise

I often recommend also doing this as a pre-activator exercise before you hit your main compound chest exercises to get those muscles firing. Note that for using this in that manner, you?ll want to decrease the total weight lifted so as to not fatigue the muscles. Your goal is to simply get optimal mind muscle activation.

If you can’t feel the activation, try a lighter weight. That will usually fix the issue.

High To Low Cable Chest Fly

Along with your low to high’s, you might consider some high to low’s. This chest exercise works the opposing muscle group – you?ll work the lower chest as well as the mid chest to some degree and can also be used for a great warm-up exercise.

High to Low Cable Chest Fly Chest Exercise

If you like, you can also use it as a finishing exercise, again using light weight but taking the rep range up as high as you possibly can until you fully exhaust the muscles. You might even consider aiming to reach full muscular failure when doing it.

Dumbbell Incline Squeeze Press

The dumbbell incline squeeze press is a good one to activate the upper chest and is one that should be placed towards the end of your workout when your muscles are in that fatigued state and you can get excellent mind-muscle activation taking place.

Dumbbell Incline Squeeze Press Chest Exercise

For this chest exercise you?ll want to squeeze the dumbbells as hard together as you can in order to activate your entire chest muscle. Then begin the movement, trying to maintain that squeeze the entire way through.

Dumbbell Incline Press

Finally, a last classic stand-by, the dumbbell incline press is an ideal exercise for targeting your upper chest and can be used as a good alternate to the barbell incline press. Here again, do expect to experience some shoulder activation, so know that the chest will only be taking on half of the work.

Dumbbell Incline Press Chest Exercise

Be sure to go slowly during the eccentric portion of this exercise and keep it in the 8-10 rep range so you are lifting heavier and stimulating maximum gains in both strength as well as size.

Typically you?ll do this one after any flat benching or dumbbell benching work you?ll be doing.

Did you enjoy these chest exercises? Check out our full directory of muscle exercises here.

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