If getting firm, flat, defined lower abs is your goal, you need the right lower ab exercises to get you there.

Make no mistake though, abs are made in the kitchen. Chances are you’ve heard this saying before and while is rather cliché, nothing holds truer.

You simply cannot expect to eat junk and see results – period. It’s not happening.

Getting visible abs is all about hard work, determination, and being able to withhold instant gratification.

While I do believe there is a time and place for your favorite foods, you simply can’t allow yourself what you want whenever you want it and expect to see results.

If you need help figuring out your target calories and macros, be sure to check out this video, which explains everything you need to know.

Luckily, with the right lower ab moves, getting that V-cut look is more achievable.

Let me walk you through 10 killer lower ab exercises that I promise will target your lower abs more than any other exercises you’ve done before.

Get ready for a workout that will leave you sore for days.

Lower Ab Exercise 1: Hanging Knee Raise


The hanging knee raise is going to kick things off and is a great move for the beginner trainee.

You’ll want to start this exercise with the pelvis and then continue on bringing the knees to the chest.

By thinking of starting with the pelvis, you’ll get a strong ab contraction rather than just attempting to use momentum and even some of your upper body to lift your lower half up.


  1. Hang on a pull-up bar with your hands at shoulder width
  2. Lift the heels off the ground with legs straight, driving tension to the abs
  3. Lift the legs up straight as if you are touching the ceiling with your toes (If you are a beginner do the same but with your knees)
  4. Contract the abs hard up top and go back down slowly, maintaining tension on the abs

You want as controlled of a movement on the descend as possible.

This will be hard, but that’s what gets those abs in great shape.

Lower Ab Exercise 2: Air Sprints

This second exercise is a wonderful way to target the stubborn lower portion of the abdominal area.

Air sprints are a good way to get a good ab workout while also developing static arm strength.


  1.  Get on the dip bar in a dip position (Elbows slightly bent, driving tension to shoulders, triceps and chest)
  2. Imitate a running motion pattern with a moderate pace
  3. Each time the knee comes up to the chest, contract the abs
  4. Keep the abdominals tensed throughout the entire duration

For this exercise, go for a total time under tension of at least 30 seconds.

Do this exercise until you can’t maintain good form and then rest and repeat.

Note: Don’t lose the contraction of the abs, as it is time under tension that is going to give the results.

Lower Abs Exercise 3: Swiss Ball Vertical Crunch 

By putting yourself on an unstable surface such as a bosu ball or Swiss ball, you’ll actually dramatically increase your overall abdominal muscle activation, thus see better results.

Moral of the story? Use that ball as often as you can.


  1. Lie down on the ball and hold a plate directly above the body
  2. Place your feet stably on the ground
  3. Lift the plate up slightly, initiating the movement with your abs
  4. Hold peak flexion briefly, then go back down slowly

If it’s too challenging, simply drop the weight and do these weightless. 

Note, you are not crunching the body. You are lifting it upwards. This is a key change that will make all the difference in the world with the results that you see. 

Lower Abs Exercise 4: Reverse Crunch

Sometimes, reverse-engineering an exercise is all you need to get a good addition to your workouts.

In this case, we are reversing the traditional floor crunch.


  1. Lie down on the floor
  2. Place your hands by your sides and lift the shoulders and head off the ground
  3. Bend the legs at the knees
  4. Bring the knees to the chest, contracting the abs
  5. Go back down slowly, maintaining tension on the abs
  6. Repeat the motion pattern

Set a target of 12-15 reps on this move, keeping it slow and controlled.

Never let the legs just drop back down to the floor – a mistake I see far too often.

Note: The lower back should never arch or lose contact with the floor.

Lower Ab Exercise 5: Bottoms Up

This fifth exercise is a variation of the reverse crunch but we add a bit more spice to it.

An extra hip raise will grant further abdominal contraction and set the six packs on fire.


  1. Lie down on the ground with hands by your sides and head/shoulders off of the ground
  2. Lift the heels off of the ground
  3. Bring the knees up to the chest, then lift the hips up, extending the legs as if you are touching the ceiling with your toes
  4. Do the motion in reverse, returning to the initial position
  5. Repeat the motion pattern

Note: Focus on lifting your pelvis as high up off of the floor as possible while doing this exercise.

Lower Ab Exercise 6: Swiss Ball Roll Ins

Swiss ball roll-ins are another move you’ll want to include in your lower abs workout routine to get visible abs.

Once again you’re bringing that unstable base of support to the equation, which is going to evoke higher overall ab muscle contraction.


  1. Place a swiss ball on the ground
  2. Get on the ground in a push up position and elevate the feet on the ball
  3. Keep the arms straight
  4. Bring the knees to the chest, rolling the ball towards you
  5. Contract the abs throughout the movement
  6. Rollback to the initial position and repeat the movement pattern

Note: Initially, place your lower shins on the ball so that only the toes touch the ball towards the end of the roll.

Lower Ab Exercise 7: Roger Federer Swiss Ball Roll Out

If that’s too easy, reverse it with this next lower ab exercise.

This time, you’ll place the forearms on the Swiss ball, putting the feet on the floor for support.

Once here, roll out the ball by extending the arms as far as you can while keeping your abs contracted.

You’ll not only feel the abs working here, but your lats as well.

It’s important that you do keep the back straight in this move or you will place great strain on those lower back muscles and may be only a few workouts away from an injury that would take you out of the game.