Welcome to the SuperHuman You exercise directory - the internet's BIGGEST and best free exercise directory, where you can find the best exercises for every single muscle group, fitness goal, and even for all pieces of workout equipment!

Section 1 covers the Top 10 Exercises for each muscle group. These are based on cutting edge exercise science, and our team of kick-a** researchers studying what exercises have been rated the best in terms of activation on each muscle.

Section 2 covers the Top 10 Exercise Types - where you will find everything from Top 10 exercises to get ripped to the Top 10 exercises for mass. Bookmark this page and come back to it as your fitness goals change throughout the year.

Section 3 covers the Top 10 equipment exercises so you can put your favorite workout equipment to good use. Here you will find useful lists of the best exercises using dumbbells and barbells, but other great pieces of equipment such as medicine balls, resistance bands, kettle-bells, cables, and even exercise balls.


This section covers the best exercises for every single muscle group - categorized by convenient ?top 10 lists? as well as additional exercises for some of your favorites like chest, arms, and legs (C'mon - I know you love leg day!)

Save this page and look at it every day before you workout so you can shock your body into growth with the best ?muscle exercises? for every single muscle group. 

SuperHuman You believes that you should always be excited about your workouts, and half the battle is always having new exercises that activate your muscles differently than your boring old workouts. You will leave the gym feeling sorer than ever, and making faster muscle gains in every single muscle group. To take these exercises to the next level, we recommend you also check out our Workouts Page where we share the best complete workouts for every muscle group.


This section contains the top 10 exercise types so you can get to your fitness goal quickly with the best choice of exercises. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned veteran in the gym, your fitness goals can change drastically throughout the year.

Need a list of the top 10 exercises to get shredded in a hurry for summer? We got you. Need the top 10 exercises for packing on slabs of muscle mass onto your naturally skinny frame? This is the destination for any fitness goal. 

SuperHuman You believes that combining the best elements of athlete training is hugely important for every physique goal, so we also included our top 10 picks for plyometrics, Olympic exercises and even cardio (I know cardio doesn't sound exciting, but there are so many fun options you've never thought of which you will find in here!)

If you are looking for complete workouts to get shredded or the best workouts to build muscle mass, make sure you head on over to our workouts page!


We aren't cavemen anymore and that means fitness has a world of options when it comes to the best pieces of equipment to reach your fitness goals. 

This section covers the top 10 equipment exercises for a wide variety of common gym equipment. We added a lot more than just 10 to the best barbell and best dumbbell exercises list, as these should be the foundation to your bodybuilding program.

We carefully picked these to help you get the fastest results - so make sure to save this page and try them all out throughout the year.

If you don't have access to all of this equipment - don't worry! Some of the best physiques in the world were built with nothing more than their own bodyweight, or simply just a set of dumbbells and barbells.

Save this list below and if you are looking for full workouts that use a lot of these pieces of exercise equipment, check out the muscle workouts section.
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