The Top 5 Tips To Burn Fat While Sleeping

I was searching through some questions on my Instagram account the other day and I got a really good one. This guy asked, ‘how to burn fat while sleeping’?

Sounds like something too good to be true, right?

The concept of burning fat in your sleep seems like it should be on a late night infomercial, but I wanted to dive into 5 tips that will help you wake up leaner and meaner each day.

How To Burn Fat While Sleeping – 4 Tips to Burn Fat In Your Sleep!

1. Isometrics at Night

In my Video – The ONE Trick to burn fat in your sleep? – I talk about how you should be doing isometric exercises before bed as it boosts the lactic acid production in your body.

This is important because lactic acid is the precursor to HGH production, and your Human Growth Hormone is secreted by your pituitary gland when you enter your REM sleep cycle.

Check out the video below and do a simple 5-minute isometrics routine each night for maximum fat loss results.

2. Keep Insulin Levels low

If you want to efficient fat burning while sleeping you need to keep insulin levels low before bed. Insulin and HGH can’t coexist at high levels at the same time.

If you eat a bunch of sugar or some simple carbohydrates not so many hours before bed you are going to spike your insulin and blunt your HGH production.

Try snacking on a slow digesting protein source and you will have optimal HGH production and fat loss at night.

3. Under Caloric Maintenance for the Day

This one can’t be forgotten! Regardless of what night time hack I give you to burn fat while sleeping you still need to be under your total calories for the day to aid weight loss.

This starts with knowing your total maintenance calories and following an eating system. I recommend the Science Of Abs program if you find yourself struggling with an eating system and getting shredded.

4. Optimal Night Time Recovery

You want to put the right things in your body that can help you boost your HGH and fat loss and wake up leaner and meaner. I can’t stress enough picking a night time recovery blend that has a combination of ZMA, Leucine, and Glutamine.

You can pick up ALPHA DREAMS  for 25% off using the code ‘SHREDDED’ and wake up more shredded every single day.

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