bigger arms in 2 weeks

Is it humanly possible to get bigger arms in two weeks? I decided to give Rich Piana’s feeder workouts a try and document my results for my fellow Superhumans. Here is exactly what happened…

I came across a video of the late great Rich Piana talking about something called a feeder workout, and the science of it made perfect sense. A feeder workout is not a traditional workout that you do at the gym, but rather something you do right before you go to bed to feed your muscles fresh blood and oxygen right before you are about to sleep.

Remember that when you go to sleep is when you grow, and Rich said he did a feeder arm workout every night before he went to bed and it blew up the size of his biceps and triceps.

To perform the feeder workout all you need is a light pair of dumbbells. Rich says you need 15 lb. dumbbells in his video but that depends entirely on your fitness level. Anything from 8-15 lbs should suffice just fine for this workout.

Now I have to warn you the next part gets a little crazy. You are going to perform this feeder arm workout RIGHT before you go to bed. Here is the exact routine.

Feeder Arm Workout – The Exact Routine

You are going to be completing 3 total sets of feeder workouts, with as little rest as possible between sets. The first exercise is lying flat on the ground you are going to be doing db skull crushers.

Perform these reps as fast as possible. Rich describes these as “pump reps” but its basically just a fast paced rep while keeping constant tension on the muscle. Remember when I told you to use light weights for this workout? Because you are going to be doing 100 reps!

Immediately after doing 100 reps of db skull crushers, you are then going to sit up on your knees and perform 60 db hammer curls once again with fast paced reps keeping constant tension on the bicep. Congrats – you are done with set number 1. Now complete this for a total of 3 sets with as little rest as possible!

After you perform your 3 sets of feeder workouts which look like this:

Set 1 – db skull crushers (100 reps) superset with db hammer curls (60 reps)

Set 2 – db skull crushers (100 reps) superset with db hammer curls (60 reps)

Set 3 – db skull crushers (100 reps) superset with db hammer curls (60 reps)

You are next going to flex your biceps and triceps in the mirror and hold static flexed positions for as long as possible. By this time you are going to have the craziest pump of your life, and you are going to stare and flex at all those veins jumping out of your arm!

Finally after the 480 rep feeder arm workout, you are going to go straight to bed. No eating, no sex, no playtime with your cats, straight to bed!


So that is exactly how you do a feeder arm workout – pretty crazy right? The first 3 nights that I did the feeder arm workout I could not complete all of the reps.

I was still doing this workout on top of my normal training split, and I was maxed out using 12 lb. weights for about 70 reps on the db skull crushers the first few workouts. The first time I tried to perform 60 db hammer curls at one time with the 12 lb. dumbbells I was successful but it took literally all of my energy and I was complete exhausted.

So after 2 weeks of doing a feeder arm workout every night, it was time to see what my results were. At the start of the experiment my arms were 17.5 inches with a pump. 

The night of my last feeder arm workout I measured my arms again and they hit 17.75 inches - a quarter of an inch improvement in just 2 weeks by someone who is an experienced lifter.

My theory is that doing this experiment for a long time would result in some diminishing returns, so 2 weeks was the perfect amount of time because it's not realistic to endure this type of torture every single night for months on end!

It's also important to note that I decided not to do the feeder arm workouts right before bed after the 2nd night, as I was having trouble sleeping and would get a bit sweaty. 

There you have it superhumans! You can get bigger arms in 2 weeks, but it is not going to be easy, but it certainly will be worth it if your goal is bigger looking arms in the shortest amount of time possible!