Anabolic Steroids: 5 Sure-Fire Ways To Tell…

Over the last few years the term ‘natty or not’ has been thrown around the fitness industry as many fans and fitness enthusiasts wonder who is actually natty and using anabolic steroids.

The truth is how to spot a steroid user isn’t rocket science, and we are going to give you 5 sure-fire ways to spot these anabolic machines with your own 2 eyes!

Just to clarify, the term ‘natural’ means that someone has never taken anabolic steroids (with either inject steroids or oral forms) – and gets all of their bodybuilding nutrition from whole food and natural supplements. Natural supplements are things like protein powder, creatine, BCAA’s, glutamine, fish oil, etc.

Here at Alpha Lion, we stand behind natural bodybuilding, as we have seen firsthand how you can make incredible progress following a good diet and completing intense strongman exercises.

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Back to the steroid chit chat! Our friend over at natty or not put together a complete guide on ‘How big you can get naturally without steroids’. It’s a really interesting read and we highly recommend you check it out after reading this article. You can find that article here.

I’ve been around steroid users and high-level fitness athletes for much of my adult life – and I wanted to put together my list of 5 sure-fire ways on how you can spot a steroid user. This will eliminate any shadow of doubt on who is natty or not in the fitness industry.

5 Sure-Fire Ways for How to Spot Someone On Anabolic Steroids

1. Roid Gut!

Roid gut is something that didn’t exist in the golden era of bodybuilding(the 1980’s) – and is a side effect of some serious steroid and HGH abuse. When you take steroids and anabolic hormones all of the muscles and organs in your body grow and that also means your stomach!

This actually makes your physique look really shitty if you are going after aesthetics and a V taper. If you ask a lot of bodybuilding legends like Arnold, they will tell you that bodybuilding is an art form and not about getting massively huge.

Having awesome aesthetics and a great physique means that you need to have a small waist, and the roid gut is a sure-fire way to spot a steroid abuser! No way anybody who is 100 percent all natural would possess an enlarged stomach organ like the bodybuilders above!

2. Insane Shoulder Acne!

Many of your androgen receptors are located in your shoulders and upper back, and that is where the excess of testosterone is secreted from when you abuse anabolic steroids.

I remember being at the Mr. Olympia fitness expo in 2015 and seeing a common theme among massive bodybuilders – and it was this disgusting form of shoulder and back acne that looked like something out of a Walking Dead Movie!

Seriously – this does NOT look like your typical teenage body acne at all. This type of acne screams steroid abuse from a million miles away.

Having terrible body acne is one of the most common side effects of taking steroids – so if you see a dude who can’t fit through the door and has sheets of acne on his shoulders chances are that he is pinning massive amounts of hormones into his body.

3. SuperHuman Capped Shoulders

As previously mentioned, many of your androgen receptors are located in your deltoids – and that is why many of the fitness models that abuse steroids have what I like to call ‘superhuman capped shoulders’ that resemble a superhero.

I remember meeting one popular fitness model who is a known steroid abuser throughout the year – and his shoulders looked like something out of a comic book! This dude did not look human, and when you see a Steroid abuser’s capped shoulders in real life up close you can immediately notice the difference between someone who is natty or not.

4. How much skin in the game do they have?

The fitness industry has become extremely corrupt due to social media and the large amounts of money you can generate for yourself with a following on Instagram, Snapchat, and Youtube.

If you knew that you could take steroids and make another $100 K next year would you? This is the reality many young fitness professionals are staring at. If they take steroids they open up the door to many more sponsorships, – a superhuman physique, and possibly winning major respect at bodybuilding or NPC Shows.

Chances are that if you are following a fitness professional who is making his living off having a body chiselled out of stone or is a working fitness model, he is taking steroids throughout the year to stay competitive in his industry.

Did you know that bodybuilding competitions in the United States don’t even test for steroids? It’s a given fact that anybody competing in Mr. Olympia is on steroids – and you can’t even come close to walking the stage without being on some serious levels of anabolic steroids among other things.

5. Gyno Problems, aka ‘Bitch Tits’

When you inject anabolic steroids you are essentially giving your body a 10 x of the hormone testosterone – and the side effect to this is increased estrogen levels, which is the female hormone responsible for those fun bags we call ‘tits’.

A very common side effect of excess testosterone and steroid abuse is that too much testosterone will convert to excess levels of estrogen, and give you what is called in bodybuilding circles as ‘bitch tits’. When you see a guy with massive amounts of muscle and flabby bitch tits walking around you have yourself a steroid user!

How to spot a steroid user is not hard when you follow the guidelines in this article. Please let us know if we missed anything!

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