​About Us

My name is Troy Adashun and I'm the founder of SuperHuman You and co-founder of Alpha Lion - one of the fastest growing supplement companies in the world.

I created SuperHuman You so anyone regardless of genetics could tap into 100% of their muscle building and fat loss potential.

SuperHuman You exists so you can finally have access to the most innovative training tactics in the world that the average person would never be exposed too.

With my unique background of training alongside some of the top actors, pro athletes, fitness models,  and bodybuilders in the world - I'm here to share the top body transformation secrets on this site and on the Youtube channel.

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My Journey

My passion for fitness started when I was 17 years old and attended world renowned IMG Sports Academy. I got to brush shoulders and train alongside some of the top athletes in the world at a very young age.

I was fortunate to go to IMG Academy and play basketball my last 2 years of High school. One summer day after my sophomore year in High-school I realized that one of the top training academies in the world was only 30 minutes away from where my family had just moved - and as they say the rest is history!

My experience at IMG Academy exposed me to innovative training tactics and triggered my obsession with becoming Superhuman myself.

Troy Adashun Early Years

Unfortunately when I first started my fitness journey I was far from SuperHuman. I started off at just 6 ft. 1 and 135 lbs with a max bench press that a lot of girls would laugh at.

Each day I would enter the world class training room at IMG and see some of the top NFL, NBA and even track athletes train at the highest level - and I knew that no matter how long it would take, I wanted to be a world class athlete myself.

The SuperHuman You Approach

I believe that anyone can be 'Shredded With A Life' with the right approach. If you are going to spend your time working out, you should be making the most efficient use of your time, right? 

That is why I created the Balloon Method workouts. The Balloon Method is the World's FIRST workout that maximizes your muscle building and fat loss potential in as little as 30 minutes a day.

The Balloon Method works by maximizing the 3 scientific ways your body builds muscle mass. You can learn more about how the Balloon Method can help you reach any of your physique goals on the programs page.

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My Goal

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The workouts, exercises, and content you see on this site are what I passionately believe are the best tactics for anyone natural to maximize their muscle building, fat loss, and athletic potential.

I personally use the Balloon Method workouts everyday with incredible results, along with thousands of other guys around the world.

It is my mission to expose the Balloon Method style of training to over 1,000,000 men worldwide by 2021.

It took many years of trial and error - but I finally reached my physique goals with the Balloon Method to help 1 million people from all around the world achieve their dream body.

Please make sure to subscribe to the SuperHuman You youtube channel so you can check out all of the videos we make to help you crush your goals in and out of the gym, and if you want to personally connect with me make sure to follow me on Instagram @TroyShred.

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Troy Adashun
Founder of SuperHuman You